cycle rides

Tobio never feared his friend would lose balance, and collapse.

He had sensed in Alvar’s unreasonable obstinacy to keep the rent boy in his arms a new, old determination – familiar, yet lost, or forgotten – that Tobio believed vanished since Alvar had woken to his amputated leg.

An accomplished athlete, winner of several gold medals in the two categories  – rowing and water polo – he had embraced during college – for there were many others he practiced with equal intent, like horse riding, cycling, cross-country skiing, archery –, Alvar had once been a young man who kept thinking in terms of marks, goals, and targets – and thus he had lived, and moved forward, on the thrill of beating his body into always greater submission to his own will, building it to an artistic standard of Greek perfection. 

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When you pick up the first book in a series you read years ago to reread it is the weirdest and best thing.
You can feel yourself being sucked back into something that never went away, but feels new and nostalgic at the same time.
You find the hidden gems and watch the characters fumble and deny and develop while knowing what’s to come

Letting Go of The Old Cycle - Remember THIS IS THE PAST.

These coming days have been very intense energetically been personally on hibernating mode. we’re entering a very heavy energetic period because we’re losing a LOT of past baggage. We must think about this, we entered the new year IN a retrograde.

The way I see we set ourselves up to build a fantastic foundation for the new year. We’re purging a lot of past baggage and even pieces of our ancestral lineage. Mercury Retrograde is a bit like time traveling, we’re revisiting the past from a different perspective. Mercury allows us to do a soul evaluation - what is working and what is horribly not working anymore in our lives?

Tomorrow Mercury moves direct. So if you could imagine yourself on a ride, we’re slowing down, reaching the end of the old cycle. the last bits of 2016 are leaving us and we’re starting to welcome the new energy with open arms.

The resistance many of us are feeling is OUR PAST BAGGAGE. Not your present. Rather than just exclaiming this is all negative and polarity like, dig deeper and ask how does this connect to my past? What is the lesson here? What do I need to see?

Remember this is just the Past. Keep Pushing through the resistance and you’ll pop out on the other side.

love you all,