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Can you do headcanons for omegas who are afraid of alphas and always spend time with other omegas (especially during heats)

This is such a cute concept, I love omegas >.<

  • It’s not uncommon for omegas to stick together during heats, especially when they first start going through heats, or when they aren’t bonded/don’t have a mate
  • Small clusters of omegas will usually be made up of the more protective omegas who maybe aren’t as scared of alphas, and the ones who actually fear them. This is so the panicked pheromones don’t trigger the alphas into coming over to see what’s wrong
  • Omega clusters actually work very well, because a group of omegas is actually quite intimidating for an alpha to try and approach
  • At school, the omegas who are scared of alphas can quickly be whisked away by their omega friends
  • If an omega chooses to spend their heat with another omega, the omega in heat won’t be allowed to do ANYTHING. The other omega will do everything for them short of building their nest and carrying them around
  • Omegas find other omegas very calming, so having a big group of them all together, being calm and content, is a cure for almost anything
  • Nothing sexual goes on between two omegas who spend their heat together (unless they’re mates/they want something sexual to happen). It’s mainly just cuddling, scenting, crooning, watching trashy TV, and eating snacks
  • People often question omegas who prefer the company of omegas rather than alphas, especially during their heats, because “an alpha could satisfy you so much better than any omega”
  • It’s recommended that omegas spend their first few heats with someone, just until they get used to them, and spending heats with other omegas who have already experienced heats and know what to do is perfect
  • There are some omegas whose heat cycles have all synched up, so whenever they go into heat, they’ll all go to one of their houses with blankets, food, pillows and painkillers and build a massive nest to sleep and cuddle in for the duration of their heat
You and I should crash
Into each other
And if we’re lucky
Not even the world will survive
I’ll spell your name
With blood dripping from bruised knuckles
You can spell my name
With oil dripping from wrecked cars
You almost bled to death
I was always meant to burn
Let’s meet in the middle
And fuck the world
—  90. Just fuck the world. (e.r.)

when he calls you jane
remind him that is not your name.

when he begs for a kiss
and your stomach twists
and hes staring at you as he turns to dust.
his hands crumbling under
an unseen anger,
a desperation so deep
you won’t ever understand,
turn away.
give him your cheek.

when he looks at you with eyes
made from black gold
and cuts you with his smile
cut him back with the pink switchblade.
you are small in body
but large in heart.

when the cold covers his skin
and he shakes
and quakes
and his name becomes synonymous 
with words like
‘invisible’ and 'disappear’
you will take his place.
you will be salvation,
a lifeline,
a connection between this world and the next.

when they talk of potential
stomp your foot.
set the deck aflame.
what good is potential
if you’re just laying in wait?

when he calls you jane
kiss poison into his veins.
laugh at him
until he gets that look in his eyes.
the one that lets you know
hes real and he’s here
and he's yours.
despite it all he’s yours.

when he calls you jane
don't let him know you like it.

—  part v. the mirror
Cycles of cycles. - [closed]

                        Ninety eight.

     She’d always kept track of the number, as things had gone into the double digits. Each time it happened, it was always unique and memorable in its own sick way, and Homura could never allow herself to wash away a single memory of any Madoka, no matter how stubborn or fruitless those iterations of her beloved friend were. Each one was as precious as the one she’d known like the back of her own hand, once upon a dream, and to forget would be to disrespect her completely and utterly.

                                                                            Ninety eight. It had been quick.

     Contracting as her own leg had snapped like a twig upon smashing through an office building’s highest story, there’d been no chance to even salvage her destiny from the rubble by the time she’d registered the fluctuation of energies that had been created upon her rebirth. Homura had her the girl call her by name, at some far distance she couldn’t possibly reach in her condition, and with lips parted to offer a response, perhaps a cry to at least get to see her face before it happened - it did. 

     A resounding crack of bone. A scream. And the storm silenced itself in an hour’s time, washing away the blood by the time she could use magic to heal her leg and search for the body in the river of damage it’d left in its wake. 

     She was… so fragile looking. So deformed. Her spine snapped at so many odd angles, it had to have been the doing of the witches minions, pulling her apart the moment she’d stumbled in her new form, ready to take on what she herself had failed at doing. Impaled, too, by a steel beam from some construction project that had been torn apart by the witch’s angst, though it had surely only happened upon her fall; Madoka couldn’t have had long enough to even realize just how pitiful a failure she was, in this timeline.

     Homura could find no words to speak, in that moment. Hands gripped at sides, knees shaking as she crouched down in the water as she reached out to hold a hand of the girls’ own that wasn’t disfigured beyond belief. 

                                   …She’ll get to ninety nine. But she needs a moment.

his eyes are framed with wildflower bruises
and he has the quaking knees to prove it.
you could wax poetry
like poe about his hands alone
his smile is your saving grace
a moonbeam stark against battered skin
how many times have you dreamt about
swallowing it whole?
cowardice doesn’t make miracles
but you aren’t ready to find out
whether your lips
are fatal, you wouldn’t forgive
yourself if he was extinguished.
let me tell you a third secret, python
when you are absent
he looks too.
—  magician (sj)

¹ disposable boys come and go like bruises do
and you’re stuck on the wrong edge of the process.

² so you’re hurting, and you hurt. there is no telling which comes first. you punch and bite and cling your forged metal claws into his arms and when it’s over you look over the proof of your existence gouged into his skin and the flowers blossoming between the walls of his ribs. it is possible they would last forever. yours do.

³ then a few days later they’re gone and he’s whole and pure, white as you’ll never be like the infallible sun lighting up your world. you go at it again, harder. you dig your fingers knuckle deep into the curling riches of his life, golden like a fairy tale, and you steal it, because gaping wounds don’t close.

⁴ (this is the real thing.)

⁵ this is not the real thing. for all you pride yourself on being a thief you’re kind of a shitty one.

⁶ he heals better than he hurts. you see it in the way his eyes burn bright instead of dark. he’s more seasoned to pain than you think. your bones aren’t thin enough to cut him marrow-deep. your needles and your pills stab and poison but they are temporary and fleeting. you’re disposable and so are your wounds. your rabid teeth give shallow bites. but there are other ways to be whole.

⁷ there are always other ways to be whole.

⁸ so, you go.

—  transient: a momentary variation in current, voltage, or frequency
He was a disaster waiting to happen
And when he inevitably got sick of waiting
He took his car and his shitty driving skills
And exceeded the speeding limit on his way to hell

79. “Dying’s a boring side effect.” (e.r) 

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in the front seat [alpha!luke / heat]


classifiedluke this is dedicated to you lmao

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I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, could you share some characters that identify as bisexual? It irks me when people say we're "basically gay/straight" (I've had both said to me), and you create such wonderfully diverse characters that represent & exist beyond their sexualities

Not too much trouble at all!! I’m going to include the gamut of bi/pan/poly-sexual characters for inclusion, and split-model (sexual vs romantic attractions) or polyamorous identities are only included where applicable

  • Ocean of Cycles (fantasy-verse), from left to right: 
  • Retavadi, bisexual; Aseri, polysexual; Constance, pansexual
    Elliel, bisexual and polyamorous; Krynnis, pansexual and polyamorous
  • Solaris, from left to right: 
  • Hiu, pansexual and aromantic; Marduk, pansexual,
    Yozu, bisexual and polyamorous, Azadi, bisexual
  • Picture This Imagine That (specifically Sam&Sara), from left to right:
  • Lissy, bisexual and polyamorous;
    Mal, bisexual and aromantic, Samantha, pansexual
  • SalaDays, from left to right:
  • Mint, bisexual; Renee, pansexual,
    Nat, pansexual and polyamorous, Eddie, bisexual
  • Assorted Projects, from left to right:
  • Lamees (from Book Keepers), pansexual; Ryan (from Romaine Hearts), bisexual, Jake (from Animal Rangers), bisexual; Tyberius (technically also from SalaDays), polysexual

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Hi I know you said probably not any omegaverse asks but could you answer this one which has me puzzled I think I know the answer but I'm not sure, do omegas skip heats when they're pregnant?

Ah, allow me to re-iterate, I meant headcanon-related asks! Shorts ones like these are fine

And yep! There’s no point for an omega to release hormones that attract alphas to breed with them when they’ve already been bred with

meow-puta  asked:

Do alphas have a sort of heat thing? Is that what they call a rut?

Yep! My headcanon is that an alpha will only go through a rut when the omega they’re bonded to has their heat, so some alphas never experience a proper rut (like those who bond to betas or other alphas). I think the most common headcanon is that they go into a rut every month or so

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Any headcanons about homeless Omegas?

  • It’s quite rare for omegas to be homeless, as they’re the most vulnerable to rape, violence and hypothermia, meaning there are a lot of omega-exclusive homeless shelters
  • They’d certainly become quite a bit more aggressive, purely out of instinct
  • When it gets particularly cold, they can spend hours curled up in one spot, not moving, trying to conserve energy
  • It’s much more common to see groups of homeless omegas, or sometimes even just two. Omegas naturally flock to each other, so this is understandable
  • Alphas get a very strong emotional reaction to seeing homeless omegas, and their natural protective urges will kick in. Almost all of the time, they omega will drive them away
  • All through the year but especially during winter, beta and omega volunteers will go around trying to find any homeless omegas to bring them to a shelter for the night
  • Because omegas become so sluggish and lethargic when cold, most have thick winter coats, either provided by a shelter or from before they became homeless
  • Some omegas will involuntarily whine when an alpha passes them by; this is an evolutionary response to try and get help
  • Homeless omegas are much more prone to pneumonia and other bacterial illnesses than homeless alphas and betas
  • Most omegas won’t go into heat, as it burns a lot of calories. Their bodies are incredibly efficient, and will stop any signs of heat after just a few days of low calorie intake and cold temperatures
  • Homeless omegas are also a lot more affected by hot temperatures than homeless alphas and betas, and this can lead to many getting sick from heat stroke and migraines 
  • Most homeless omegas are between the ages of 16 and 24
You’re an ever-happening violent clash
Some sort of constant collision
With everyone and everything around you
We’d be the most beautiful crash
An unparalleled destruction
The complete obliteration of us two
—  97. We could wreck the world. (e.r.)

“Of late I climb’d a lonely height
And Wat’d the moon-streak’d clouds in flight,
Whose forms fantastic reel’d and whirl’d
Liked Genii of a spectral world.”
H.P. Lovecraft, A Cycle Of Verse: Clouds

“The name of a group of spirits in the classical Roman, Etruscan, and Assyrian mythologies. They are essentially guardian spirits of the individual beings and phenomena that have been created. A Genius (Genii, plural) was assigned to each individual at birth. The Genius of each man (women were protected by Juno) controlled his character and destiny, eventually conducting his soul out of the mortal world.They were variously depicted as naked winged youths, while the Genius of a family in Pompeii was protrayed as a snake.”
Carol Rose, Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns and Goblins