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Hello! How many different types of werewolves are there, and what do they look like? Please and thank you! <3

Are the roles werewolves play in different myths, or any were-like creature, the same was what we think in modern times? I’m curious about how they were perceived in different cultures.

This is a second as we got that we feel is also answered by the Chorus here so we are adding it in and answering both at once. Now for the glorious Chorus’ answer!!

Ok, so, the thing is, most werewolves you see in media these days bear little resemblance to werewolves in folklore, aside from the becoming a wolf bit. Being bitten did not spread the curse/virus/whatever, wolf’s bane wasn’t considered a deterrent/poison, silver as a surefire kill was a very late addition in the early 1800’s in Germany, and they weren’t usually bound by the cycle of the moon. Werewolves as we know them now were mainly inspired by movies like An American Werewolf in London and The Wolf Man, so much so that the movie lore has been taken as folklore and it can be difficult to find accurate information. Lucky you, you’ve got us!

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Conspiracy Theory: Werewolves were myths derived from women starting their period. THINK ABOUT IT. They turn at a certain age if born with the gene - women start when they hit puberty. They have immense pain when changing - women have immense pain when starting. They only appear once a month - women only get their period once a month. You never see the wolf and the person at the same time - women typically hide out on their first day. Werewolves learn how to handle it over time - women learn how to handle it over time. Werewolves can turn others into werewolves - women can activate each others cycles. 

Some poor girl was on her period hiding in bed when a wolf went rogue and THAT is how the legend began.

Cycles [Taehyung]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1587
Description: Werewolves are puppies and need to be taken care of. 

Author’s Note: Or that au where you help taehyung after every single change during the full moon and he loves you a lot for it

Taehyung sits with his hands jammed under his thighs, slouched forwards, breathing becoming more and more labored by the second. The road is rocky — a tiny little dirt path not really meant for vehicles — and the car moves bumpily, Taehyung tensing every time the car jumps.


You look over at Taehyung hesitantly, and only for a moment, before turning your attention back to the dimly lit path, your hands wrapped so tightly around the steering wheel that your knuckles are beginning to turn white, and your palms are sweating. “We’re almost there, Tae, let me just —”

“I said stop,” Taehyung growls, his voice, normally deep, is even deeper, coming from the back of his throat in a guttural roar. His eyes flash that sharp yellow and your heart skips a beat as Taehyung glares at you. “Stop the car now and let me out.”

You brake immediately, and Taehyung shoves open the car door, leaping out of the car and landing on all fours before scrambling to his feet and heading for the woods in a slouching lope. You watch Taehyung for as long as you can before he disappears from your sight before you reach over to tug the door close.

You notice the leather where Taehyung had placed his hands is torn, and stuffing is coming up from the seats. The full moon hangs low in the sky, an overly-saturated orange color that, paired with the howls that come occasionally from the woods, makes the situation almost comical, unreal.

The night is cold, and you’ve already reluctantly turned the heating off after an hour, too afraid to use up the car’s battery. You tug your coat around yourself just a little tighter, and wrap your hands around the mug of coffee you’d poured yourself from the thermos.

Coffee was essential for these kind of nights. The nights where sleeping could mean that you would wake and Taehyung would be nowhere to be seen. As the thought hits you, you take another gulp of the coffee and squint hard past the dashboard of the car, scanning the woods.


Sighing you lean back, getting comfortable before your eyelids begin to droop and you catch yourself, and lean forwards. You open the windows just a little bit, and the cold air hits you immediately. You can feel the bite of the cold on your nose and cheeks, and grit your teeth to stop them from chattering incessantly.

You think you see something move and almost spill your coffee leaning forwards to get a better look, but it’s nothing. Or if it’s something, it’s not Taehyung. Your eyes are quick to pick up any movement, now. Of course, it’s easier, since you’ve had nearly a year to practice.

Eleven months meant eleven changes, and eleven times to plan and re-plan how you and Taehyung would go through with his change each time. It was hard to imagine that, just eleven months ago, Taehyung hadn’t had to be driven to the woods every month and go through the painful change he did. But just eleven months ago, Taehyung had been bitten. It was better than some teen drama, you supposed, because the wolf who’d bitten him had apologized both profusely and politely once he’d come to his senses, and had helped a great amount in preparing both you and Taehyung for the first moon.

Suddenly, you see a figure limp out of the woods and scramble back into a sitting position from your slouch. “Shit,” you curse under your breath, tossing the coffee left in your mug out the window before reaching behind you for the spare clothing you’d brought and clambering out of the car.

Taehyung’s naked and walking drunkenly, arms hanging limply, tiredly by his side. You hurry over towards him, passing him a fresh pair of boxers in lieu of a greeting, and holding him by the shoulder to steady him as he pulled them on. You pass him the sweatpants next, and then a sweater, before helping him walk back to the car.

Taehyung seems boneless as he tumbles back into the car seat, and you lean over him to fasten his seatbelt, placing a kiss on his muddy cheek as you draw back. He answers with a mumble, leaning into your touch before closing his eyes and sinking back into the seat. You muss his hair fondly, and check the usual places (stomach, thighs, ankles, chest) for any injuries, humming satisfactorily when you see he only has minor scratches, and a slightly deeper wound just above his ribs — nothing that can’t be patched up quickly.

The third month he’d changed, he’d somehow managed to break a rib and tear a hole on the left of his abdomen, and you’d had to treat him in a panicked stupor.

“Sorry,” Taehyung says just as you back the car up and make a turn to go back up the path. The sun’s just about to rise, and the woods are a fresh, dewy green.

You look over to him briefly, quizzically, and he smiles a tired version of his usual boxy grin. “For snapping at you in the car.”

You snort, reaching over the joystick to squeeze his hand. “Don’t be stupid, Tae. I know you didn’t mean it.”

“I just didn’t want to…”

You look over at him and smile wanly. “Eat me?”

He smiles sheepishly back. “Something like that.”

“Don’t be sorry, I know what you meant.”

“I’ll make it up to you tomorrow,” Taehyung offers.

“Yeah? My friend’s been telling me about this really cute dog cafe downtown!”

“Isn’t that the place you go with your dog?”

“Yes,” you giggle. “And I have the best dog in the world.” You reach over and poke at Taehyung’s cheek and pet his head.

Taehyung snorts despite the bad joke, and leans over, licking a stripe up from your neck to your jaw. You gasp, and scrub at the wet trail with a whine. You slap him on the thigh without taking your eyes off the road, and Taehyung laughs throatily.

“Bad dog!” you tease, and Taehyung barks a couple of times for good measure before leaning back in his seat with a tired sigh.

The journey back is short, even with the silence, and you’re back at the apartment in no time, helping Taehyung drag his feet up the stairs, and leading him to the shower.

“I’m going to boil some water, okay? Strip yourself and get in the shower.”

Taehyung looks up, lips twitching into a lopsided smirk, as if ready to make a some dirty joke, but he seems to find himself too tired to actually speak, and ends up just nodding instead.

By the time the kettle’s on and you’ve got a mug with a tea bag ready, the shower’s on, and the clothes Taehyung’d been wearing were strewn on the bathroom floor. The mirror’s beginning to steam up, but Taehyung’s just sitting in the bath, the shower head jetting water onto his drooped head.

“You’re muddy, Tae.”

He hums, and you sigh, kneeling beside the tub to reach for the shampoo. “Relax, then, okay?”

Taehyung nods and tilts his head back so you can lather him up, obediently turning his head this way and that, and lifting his arms to be washed. You can feel his muscles shifting under smooth skin every time you touch him, as if his body was answering to your hands, and you can’t help but lean forwards and place a kiss on his shoulder. Taehyung grins, and tilts his head back, bangs dripping water on the tiled floors, to kiss you again. You oblige, pressing your lips against his plush ones before pulling him out of the tub and wrapping him in a towel.

You always somewhat baby Taehyung after his full moon night, and you think it’s completely justifiable, considering the fact that he’d spent the entire night shifting into another creature and traipsing around the woods. His eyes are only just fading from the bright yellow back to their usual dark color, and you’re filled with that strange sort of relief you always feel when it happens.

“I’ve made tea,” you say as Taehyung dresses, stifling a yawn. “Or would you rather bed?”

“Bed,” Taehyung says, walking forwards to wrap his arms around your chest and tucking his head into the crook of your shoulder. “With you.”

You snort, but nod, and walk forwards. Taehyung refuses to let go, so you walk in tandem, and flop unceremoniously onto the bed when you reach it.

“I love you,” Taehyung murmurs as the both of you wriggle under the sheets, him shifting to mould his chest against your back. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Staying with me even though I’m this… thing.”

You reach for his hand and weave your fingers through his, humming contentedly. “I happen to find this thing quite attractive,” you say. “And I’ve also been in love with this thing for a long time before it became another thing; I’m not going to suddenly change my feelings because you’re part dog.”

“Wolf!” Taehyung corrects with a whine, and you snort.

“Yeah, a scary wolf.”

“I’m terrifying.”

“Absolutely so,” you agree, and Taehyung laughs, hot puffs of breath against the back of your shoulder.

“Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Taehyung kisses the nape of your neck, and you sigh, moving backwards to settle into his clutch even more. “Goodnight,” he mutters, even though it’s technically morning.

You grin. “Good dog.”


A/N: TAU fic! Did this between original stuff for flash fiction month. Nods are made to both Haberdasher’s Intertwined and DragonThistle’s Silver. Overall, it’s very mythic. Take it as you will. :)

They were linked. They always had been; they always would be. They were the opposing limits of a pendulum’s swing, scales dancing between unequal weights, a coin spinning eternally heads over tails and around again, a doubled ouroboros – each eternally doomed to destroy the other, and be destroyed in turn.

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