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Getting caught cycling whilst under the influence of alcohol (blood alcohol level of 1.6 per mille or more) has serious implications in Germany. Not only can German authorities confiscate your driving license, they may also order an MPA (medical-psychological assessment). If you fail to pass the MPA, the authorities will automatically revoke your license. And good luck trying to get it back – it can take years (of therapy) before you pass the annual MPAs.


Tueton In Tights!

Robert Förstemann Bursts Through THe Opposition And The Seams Of His Kit!

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  • Netherlands: America, you should try to cycle to work more often.
  • Germany: I agree, you've been using the car too much lately.
  • England: see, it's not only me that wants you to be environmentally friendly this time!
  • America: ... y'all try cycling up San Francisco before telling me to cycle in New York or Texas.
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Name: Leah

Age: 16

Country: Germany

hi! I found this site by a coincidence and since I am interested in making friends from all over the world I thought it would be really good to give it a try!
about me: I’m an introvert and quite nerdy (haha). I like languages although I can only speak German, English and read Latin but I am currently learning Norwegian!
My interests are books (I love reading so much), The Raven Cycle (Maggie Stiefvater in general), Dan and Phil, (YouTube), Skam, series, twenty one pilots, The Legend of Zelda, different cultures, aesthetic stuff and sleeping. (honestly, sleeping is the best).
I’m looking forward to talk to people with the same interests and make friends!! And maybe we could vent to each other about various topics. 

Preferences: Please be nice and open-minded and around the age of 14-19! I would prefer tumblr to talk to each other.

Die Lüneburger Heide is an extensive region of heath, nature, woods, and farmland in the state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in Northern Germany, located roughly between the cities of Hamburg, Hannover, and Wolfsburg. Historically, it was where Montgomery received the German surrender at the end of WW2. The area has very rural feel to it. Dense pine forests alternate with green meadows and cultivated fields with purple heath. Its leafy villages are clustered around ancient farmhouses with vast thatched roofs sweeping down over red brick and timber-framed walls. The area has many attractions suitable for families such as the Heide Park, an amusement park near Soltau, the Walsrode Bird Park, the Serengeti Park, and 3 wildlife parks. More recently a big indoor ski slope has been opened, the SnowDome near Bispingen, as well as the Schumacher go-kart hall. There also is a wealth of museums, covering every field from agriculture to science, from warfighting to local history. Lying on the North German Plain, the region is relatively flat and there are excellent cycling routes over a network of cycle paths.


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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard


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Monschau, aka the “Pearl of the Eifel”, is a small historic town in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany. Largely unchanged for over 300 years, the narrow, cobblestone streets and traditional half-timbered houses have made this charming place one of the main tourist attractions of the region. Set in the beautiful landscapes of the Eifel National Park, it makes an excellent base for hikers and cyclists. While popular in summer, it only becomes truly overrun for its famous Christmas market. Monschau only has about 14,000 permanent residents, but with more than 170,000 hotel night bookings and no less than 2 million day trip visitors per year, it’s the touristic center of the Eifel region.

Day15 Dormagen to Gellep Stratum (DE)

The other cyclist was already gone by the time I made it out of the tent.

Today was one of those day where you can cycle all you want, you don’t get far. I got to Düsseldorf, where I stopped to eat.

Later that afternoon, strong wind arose, and - in accordance with murphy - of course had to come from the front.

Since I love looking at and studying maps, I took it as an excuse to take a break when I found one. Another cyclist saw me and thought I was lost, therefore offered his help.

We cycled together for a while and talked about this and that and he asked me where I was headed. I said I didn’t know and explained that I usually improvised on the spot. He invited me and I happily accepted.

I had a wonderful evening. They helped me find a nore practical and better indicated way to follow the pilgrim’s route (eurovelo 3) by splitting it up into smaller german cycling pathes and even took me to a restaurant to eat aspargus decorated with a strawberry (very local food ;P ).

Also, they told me about a couple that went cycling for 10 years, with her being from around here and him being swiss (from tge same city as me, as i later discovered! )

Day14 Mehlem to Dormagen (DE)

I started the day with grocery shopping, then rejoined the Rheinradweg (and at the same time the EuroVelo route 3, but it is barely indicated).
Today, like the last part of yesterday, but in a more extreme way, the route went mostly through cities (Bonn, Köln), which was a bit less to my liking, but it was still a very nice day.
Soon after three (or was it four?) i got very tired and was looking for a campsite, enroping my mother’s help again. It took forever to reach it!

At the campsite, I met a guy who did some touring in a fully encased trike or whatever you call those things (maybe if you look up pictures of mango trikes, you’ll find it? ). He said it was great for bad weather (fully protected from the rain and the wind has less impact) but not so great for going uphill.
He also payed the campsite for me. His reason was the following: He too had cycled to the north cap in the past and on one of the campsites he went to the owner let him stay for free, so he swore himself that he’d pass on that good deed to someone and since I was jeaded to the north cap too, that was the perfect opportunity.