cycle germany

  • Netherlands: America, you should try to cycle to work more often.
  • Germany: I agree, you've been using the car too much lately.
  • England: see, it's not only me that wants you to be environmentally friendly this time!
  • America: ... y'all try cycling up San Francisco before telling me to cycle in New York or Texas.

Monschau, aka the “Pearl of the Eifel”, is a small historic town in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany. Largely unchanged for over 300 years, the narrow, cobblestone streets and traditional half-timbered houses have made this charming place one of the main tourist attractions of the region. Set in the beautiful landscapes of the Eifel National Park, it makes an excellent base for hikers and cyclists. While popular in summer, it only becomes truly overrun for its famous Christmas market. Monschau only has about 14,000 permanent residents, but with more than 170,000 hotel night bookings and no less than 2 million day trip visitors per year, it’s the touristic center of the Eifel region.