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Paris Hilton’s entire career was a performance art piece that all at once defined, critiqued and predicted modern culture. Whether by design or not, her work set the template for: -The downfall and comeback of Britney Spears -The spread of social media -The meteoric rise of High School Musical -The selfie -Lady Gaga’s first two album cycles -Meme culture -The Cubs winning the World Series -KPop -Silicon Valley -The Kardashians’ very existence -The Trump Administration -Globalism -Blue Ivy Carter -The Marvel Cinematic Universe …the list goes on. Whether you like it or not, Paris Hilton is the beginning, middle and end of everything you know about culture. That’s hot.

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Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2017 - 0052 by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin

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Name: Emma
Age: 20
Country: Finland

My home town is quite small (only around 7000 people) so I’ve never really had more than maybe two or three friends at the same time. Though this can probably also be attributed to my introverted nature. Despite my lack of friends I am always curious to find out about different cultures and world views, especially the reasons and causes behind them. I hope to broaden my horizon and learn to look at things from new perspectives. This is why I’m looking for a pen pal.

Now, a little about me. I always have trouble to describe myself. I enjoy spending time reading, on my computer, cycling or going on a jog (i.e being by myself). However, I am a very outspoken person with strong opinions which has caused my friends and family to call me stubborn. I also have a very sarcastic and at time dark sense of humor. My greatest vices would be my somewhat pessimistic ( I prefer realistic.) view of life and my lack of interest for typical topics of conversation (gossips, small talk). My greatest virtue is my thirst for knowledge and also openness to any sexuality or gender.

My interest include, but are not limited to, deep conversations about life (morals, society, history, culture, objective rights and wrongs, religion, and anything else you want to talk about), music, I listen to P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Kpop( EXO, Got7, BTS, BigBang mostly),80’s music and musical soundtracks. I am interested in astrology and all sorts of other methods that would help me understand myself better, but my knowledge in those fields is pretty non-existent, so it would be great if you knew/or were interested in them.

I would prefer email or possibly kik and tumblr. If you want to recommend bands, books, movies, artists, hobbies, or anything really to me I would be happy. I feel like I’m still looking for my own thing.

Preferences: I would prefer someone around my age or older, but if you really feel a connection I’m willing to make an exception. Any gender, ethnicity or sexuality is fine. Also, at the moment I only speak Finnish and English, so there’s that.

The Hunt and the Post are Long

I do think that Bloodborne’s cosmic horror is non-Derlethian in cosmology, with no good vs. evil conflict among its gods, but I do think there is a large conflict going on, one of Stasis vs. Change. It is, after all, not uncommon in real religious to have “races” or “houses”  of gods in strife. Titans vs. the Olympians with the Chthonics kind of hanging out, Aesir vs. Vanir vs. other great Nordic beings, Devas and Asuras, ect. 

One one side, there is the Oedon-Ebrietas-Kos axis, a faction dedicated to reproduction and change. Oedon may be driven to blindly, perhaps mindlessly reproduce, as a voice echoes (shades of Azathoth and his mad piping), with little care apart from that (certainly not to human moral or social concerns), while Ebrietas and likely Kos feel the need to shepherd and influence humanity in the generative process. They send out phantasms to aid their human allies, and Ebrietas at least guides them towards transcendence - Rom and the Emissaries are likely of her kin. This hints at a faction or philosophy of dynamism, reproduction, and change.

Amygdala, I believe, is/are liminal beings dedicated to transitions and bridging spaces; they are either neutral or outside the god factions, acting as threshold guardians. As they guard, or at least do no harm to Oedon Chapel and shephard blooddrunk hunters to Kos’ revenge, the Nightmare, they are either allies of the above Dynamics or truly impartial functionaries.

The side of stasis is taken up by the Moon Presence. I believe this is a solo effort, with the Moon Presence working exclusively though hunters to neutralize its opposing gods. Stasis does not like diversity of form or opinion. The Moon Presence is the Moon, a sterile, dead being locked in an orbital cycle. It is dedicated to preserving the cycle of the hunt at any cost; this is why two of the ending either result in the Hunter being ejected from the endless cycle of the Hunt without really changing anything or replacing Gehrman as the host of the Hunter’s Dream. The one ending where you do affect change and  break the cycle involves you outright rejecting and going to war with the Moon Presence. Breaking the cycle and transcending humanity is rebellion against the Moon’s agenda.

This ties into my earlier rejection of the idea that the blood various women gift you is menstrual blood. But menstruation is in the game - see the school of Mensis’ name-  in the form of the Moon Presence - menstrual blood is non-reproductive blood, the result of a shed uterine lining. It is “dead,” stagnant, and, importantly, part of a cycle culturally tied to the blood.

This leads to another, more off the wall theory based on Shintoist concepts of Impurity. Impurity in fluids is often tied to its ability to change, move, and flow. Rivers and libational water are pure and cleansing, while the stagnant, foetid waters of say, inland swamps are impure and spiritually poisonous, in a way; see literally every Souls game for the Japanese association of swamps with evil, or tap some black mana.

Ritual impurity can also be incurred in other ways, both natural and via human behavior, and rituals must be done to purify the blood. Similarly, in Western medical history, an imbalance of bodily humors was said to cause disease, and purging of blood, phlegm, and bile via bloodletting, lancing, and induced vomiting were common cures.

That brings us to a big stagnant heap of impure blood. Or, shall we say, Vileblood.

The Vilebloods are socially and politically stagnant. They seem to be over a century behind the culture of neighboring Yharnam, hanging around the late Renaissance, with absolute monarchy, knights, and ruffles, rather than the mishmashed Napoleonic to Edwardian sensibilities of Yharnam. They are also “dead,” completely fallen. They also, rather oddly, are associated not with the standard bestial forms and corporeal undead of the rest of the setting, but with stony gargoyles and the unchanging, snap-shot afterlife of the ghost, perhaps the single most inexplicable idea in the world-building, outside of all of Cainhurst MAYBE being a dreamland of Annalise (or, considering his ability to so thoroughly pin her down and the crown-artifact, Logarius is the host of Not!Castlevania).

The Vilebloods are also the archenemies of the Church, the agents, inadvertent or not, to the Reproductive/Dynamic Faction of Old Ones, which dedicated an entire faction of Executioners to their annihilation. If any god is in their corner, it is the Moon Presence. Rival gods slaying each other’s agents out of jealousy, brother against brother in blasphamous murder…rather like a certain Cain.

This Cainhurst tie may be how/why the Moon Presence bound Maria’s soul or essence to the Doll; she was, after all, a woman of Cainhurst nobility, and of the Moon’s court.

The Vilebloods hate change, and the last remnants of them are in fact in a timeless cage. They recall classical vampires, even more than the umpteen dozen other factions of blood drinkers in the game. and vampires are often portrayed as pompously romantic but creatively stagnant. Cainhurst itself is the most frigid environ in the game, which is no accident; ice is static water. Frozen.

What else is cold? The Coldblood.

See, blood has a very curious attribute in the world of Bloodborne - instead of coagulating into rough, scabby clumps, it crystallizes into reinforcing bloodstone and potent gems or condenses into coldblood drops that can be carried about and consumed for blood echoes. Both of these are, I believe, the result of the Moon Presence exerting its influence on the world, turning Old Blood-tained blood into tools for its favored hunters to use against the minions of the dynamic gods.

Don't try fitting in... You're out of shape.

Me and my black co-workers work at a Cycle Gear yesterday. One of the white employees decides to attempt to sing “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs. Here’s the situation (to the tune of the song):

Cycle Gear employee: “At night, I think of you…”
Me (loudly): “Cultural appropriation, baby”
Employee: *looks at me terrified*
Me: *looks at him while channeling the spirit of Diane Johnson from Black-ish*

No need to please me… I’m just here to count up your store!! Sing Garth or somebody, hell!! @bando–grand-scamyon

As children we didn’t know. We didn’t know that the piece of meat on our plate was once a living being with their own desire for life, or that the milk we sipped on belonged to a mother’s child. Our parents were never taught by their parents the reality of what is served on our dinner tables. And neither did theirs. A cycle of culture then begins. A cycle of habits and customs which cause us indifference and ignorance, which in turn leads us to not learning the truth. We have to break free from what we’ve been taught, we have to strip away the lies of society and unlearn the false information passed on from generation to generation. We must take the blindfolds off to evolve as a collective.

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