cycle challenge


Inside, they pretended they would dream, but they did not. They sprawled on the living room sofa and Adam studied the tattoo that covered Ronan’s back: all the sharp edges that hooked wondrously and fearfully into each other.


⋆ trc editing challenge   favorite major squad: the gangsey

“… because they’d found the ley line and because it was starting, it was starting. “


the raven cycle editing challenge ☼ [ favorite location: the barns ]

Blue said, “Did you really grow up here, Ronan?”

“In this barn?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”
He started to answer, but pain welled up, sudden and shocking. The only way he could get the sentiment out was by drowning the words with acid. It came out sounding like he hated the place. Like he couldn’t wait to get away. Mocking and cruel, he said, “Yes. This was my castle.” 


⋆ trc editing challenge   favorite location: cabeswater  

“the scent of cabeswater, all trees after rain.”

my second prompt for the kiss art challenge, requested by the spectacular @jellywuh - ronan and adam with number 10, a kiss on the shoulder~

again, i’m keeping the coloring and poses simple for these! they’re just for me to loosen up a bit with my art (pretty much zero shading and quick linework. because normally i’m a crazy picky perfectionist about things… so i’m trying to calm down a bit haha. and, like i’ve said before, it’s a great excuse to draw cute people kissin’ each other.)


yalitsquad challenge 1 // pt. 4 // favorite friendship → richard gansey iii + henry cheng

Doubly known. Triply known. Gansey wasn’t precisely sure how to cope with being so accurately pegged by a person who was, after all, only a recent acquaintance.


trc minor characters challenge: a minor character [the Gray Man]

“Does it bother you that he’s made you this way? You know that’s why you can do this, don’t you?”

Any part of the Gray Man that had been bothered by this had died a long time before, burned with matches and gashed with scissors and picked at with straight pins, and when he looked at her, he didn’t disguise that deadness in him.


⋆ trc editing challenge   favorite quote

“while i’m gone, gansey said, pausing, dream me the world. something new for every night.”