cycle central park

Deciding to take the her two balls of fur - her white kittens, Merry and Pippin - for a little trip, Hannah cycled down to the Central Park. A bag, a pet carrier - with the two kittens - and her camera in tow. They’d found a nice spot and settled down, the kittens playing around with Hannah, using her like some recreational slide as they clambered on to her.

“Merry… no. Don’t go further than that. Merry!” She called out to the one who was trying to venture out of the five foot radius that Hannah was comfortable with, while the other one sat on her shoulder, unwilling to get down anytime soon. “Pippin, we need to stop Merry. Would you please let go of my shirt?” 

Merry decided to break into a jog away from his owner. “Merry, no!” Hannah called after the absconding kitten. “Could you please stop my cat?” She requested the first person she caught barely a glimpse of while she hurriedly took Pippin off her shoulder and settled him into the cage to chase after Merry.