cycle 7


30 Days ANTM Challenge: DAY 7- Favorite Cycle 7 Model- Anchal

Anchal was my favorite of the cycle for many reasons. CariDee was fucking amazing, but she was a little too extra. Melrose was just a cunt from hell. Eugena was likeable, but she was kind of rude and was a cunt to other people behind their back. Amanda and Michelle were cute, but if they weren’t twins, they’d be boring. So, Anchal was the only Indian to actually make something of herself after ANTM which is good. She was insecure about her looks which made her relateable. She also had meat on her bones, but don’t think she was plus size. She gave up on her final episode, which dissapointed me. But, still, Anchal made a big point on Indians in modeling.


17. AJ’s Hat (Cycle 7 ep. 6)

The aspiring models on this show often make questionable personal style choices, so much so that one of the judges’ favorite activities at panel is to strip them of all of their accessories until they “look like a model”. (Model tip: wear as little as possible.)

The worst accessory ever, however, shows up at a challenge. Not just any challenge, but a true challenge: the girls have to interview Janice Dickinson. Dealing with Janice is like dealing with the weather – you can try to plan ahead, but there’s no changing what it wants to do. Expectedly, most of the girls flounder. A tongue-tied CariDee asks, “What makes you so over…pungent?” Brooke puts it even more bluntly: “What makes you so bitchy?” 

Still, nothing is more audacious than AJ’s hat. It’s a ratty piece of pink fabric that looks like AJ wrestled a homeless person to obtain. On its best day, you wouldn’t guess it were a hat unless it was on someone’s head. Passersby would feel obligated to comment on the monstrosity, so you know Janice isn’t going to show any mercy. In fact, Janice doesn’t even let AJ ask her first question before insulting the hat by suggesting it has mothballs in it.

Later, Janice spots AJ again wearing the hat. “Why is that pink thing still on your head?” she criticizes, adding, “I wouldn’t wipe your car with it.” AJ contends that she loves her hat, though she begrudgingly removes it anyway.

Now that she’s had to remove it twice, you’d think that’s the last we would see of the hat. However, when AJ is eliminated later in the episode, she wears it again while packing up and leaving the house. Considering that AJ, who arguably had the best portfolio at that point, is eliminated for her lack of enthusiasm toward the modeling competition, wearing the ragged hat is probably the equivalent of a middle finger. That’s something I can appreciate. 


93. Monique Spreads Her Juices (Cycle 7 ep. 4)

Monique is the perfect model… of how inner and outer beauty don’t have anything to do with one another. Exteriorly, Monique is gorgeous; interiorly, the girl couldn’t be more stank. 

You have to be gross to spread your fluids like Monique routinely does. Her offenses start out small when she finds herself without a bed upon entering the house. Rather than taking the beanbag chair, Monique pours water all over Eugena’s bed and claims that she peed on it to get Eugena to give up the bed. How Eugena still wound up being Monique’s only friend after that incident I’ll never know.

Soon after, Monique manages to make an enemy by stepping up grossness game when she reaches up her dirty towel and flings the wetness on Melrose’s face. “It smells like an egg or a seventeen-year-old spoiled pumpkin,” Melrose declares. While Melrose is a drama queen, that does seem pretty nasty.

But is it gross enough? Not in Monique’s opinion. She has one final scheme up her sleeves… or down her pants, if you will. Monique decides to sneak into Melroses’s room while she’s sleeping and rub her panties all over her bed. It seems to me that doing that implicitly says, “My cooch is nasty.” Who taught her to fight with her fluids, anyway? What an unsanitary approach to bullying. Anyway, Melrose wakes up mid-prank and is understandably grossed out, while Monique just cackles, proud of her accomplishment.

It’s a wonder that Melrose doesn’t get sick from all of the juices Monique exposes her to, but karma intervenes and it is Monique who winds up sick and unable to participate in the next photo shoot, resulting in her ouster. Not a tear was shed in Top Model land that day, though I’d have to imagine that Monique oozed other feminine fluids on her walk of shame home. G’ew!


I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person — I was like: [opens mouth in disbelief]. “I’m gonna shoot with this fine ass man?” [Laughs]. And I was like: “and I’m gonna be naked?!” Ughhhhhhhh! And he (Nigel) was like: [Imitates Nigel in a British accent]: “Alright, Tyra, stand right there.” And I was like: [touches the side of her boobs flirtatiously]. “Okay, baby.” [Laughing again]. And now he’s like, Nigel: my brother.