cycle 3 winner

Model: Meaghan Waller

Nationality: Canadian 

Height: 5'10

Agencies: Wilhelmina (NY) FM (London) 

Notable Work: Canada’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Winner - Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014 Show

You guys worked hard for this Saturday release and it’s time we give you a little special treat. You thought we were revealing a judge, but we got a new job on the cycle 7 panel as the contestant’s mentor.

We’ve brought cycle 3 winner Pierretta Viktori out of TDR retirement to help guide you baby queens to the finish line as this cycle’s “Tim Gunn” mentor. She’s here with her costuming skills and signature personal style to help this cycle’s contestants flesh out their ideas and assist with guidance in look execution. Use her ladies, because she’s here to help you!