cycle 18

It has been 18 incredibly long months of ttc baby #2, 100’s of negative pregnancy tests, long nights obsessing over symptoms that turned out to be nothing and dreaming of what it would feel like to see that positive test again

My dream became a reality last night!!!! I got my BFP and I am still in so much shock 😱

Holy fuck I’m pregnant!!

ID #42861

Name: Nadja
Age: 18
Country: Serbia

Well this is my second submission because the first one was long and awkward. I am a girl from Serbia, a tiny country in Europe (Not Syria and not Sibiria). I will be 19 in September and I am starting college in October studying veterinary medicine. I love animals (obviously haha), indie bands, tv shows and netflix, nature, cycling, crafts and diy stuff, reading classic novels, cooking and baking, photography and everything creative. I really love collecting postcards and stamps and I would love to talk via letters-snail mail, so please contact me if you are interested in that kind of communication. I am also interested in exchanging stuff from my country, learning about your culture and hearing about your day/week/life. I hope to meet a lot of people from around the world and be long term friends with them :)

Preferences: Anyone in my age range so maybe 17-22, any gender, anywhere in the world and prefer snail mail

So…cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is only airing now in South Africa. I noticed Azmarie Livingston…along with every other girl on my Twitter TL. I didn’t deny her beauty, no. But it was only until the 3rd episode that she sent chills right. though. my. body. Now last I checked, only fiiiine men could do that. She’s that beautiful. Needless to say, this picture that she twitpic’d a while ago, is now my Blackberry wallpaper. As you were…