cycle 13

DannyMay 2017

hey guys! since phanniemay will not be a thing this year, me and a couple of pals from slack chat made this just for yall!

just like the phanniemays before, you have the ability to do anything as long as it corresponds to the theme! this could be fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, amvs, or even music if you wish! 

there are every day themes and weekly themes this year! this way if you’re busy you don’t have do as much but can still have fun!

If you have any questions, you can send me a message or an ask!

the WEEKLY themes are:

  • The Unknown (The first sunday)
  • Emotions (the second sunday)
  • L'appel du vide (the third sunday)
  • Mistakes/Regret (the fourth sunday)

please tag your weekly posts as #DannyMay Weekly, #DannyMay and #Danny Phantom so everyone can see your posts!

Since there are several days for the Daily DannyMay, they’ll be under the cut (or read the offical document here!)

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Favorite ANTM Relationships: [7/?] → Tyra/Nigel.

I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person — I was like: [opens mouth in disbelief]. “I’m gonna shoot with this fine ass man?” [Laughs]. And I was like: “and I’m gonna be naked?!” Ughhhhhhhh! And he (Nigel) was like: [Imitates Nigel in a British accent]: “Alright, Tyra, stand right there.” And I was like: [touches the side of her boobs flirtatiously]. “Okay, baby.” [Laughing again]. And now he’s like, Nigel: my brother.

What I learned in 2016:

1) you’re allowed to love yourself
2) you might come home from a place and be different but that’s okay because you’ve grown
3) how to let people you don’t need go
4) determination leads to success
5) for people to believe in you, you need to start with believing in yourself
6) it’s okay to love people who don’t love you
7) you don’t need to change, change needs to come to you
8) it’s easier to hate when you’re full of anger and easier to love when you’re full of forgiveness
9) forgiveness was never meant to be easy
10) raw is beautiful
11) your destinations always has been and always will be tomorrow
12) learn to marvel at the cycle of life
13) when it’s difficult to breathe, smile at the stars
14) missing someone is nothing to be ashamed of
15) words hurt but the words you don’t say are even harder to swallow
16) be loyal to yourself
17) it’s okay to make mistakes
18) remember to give yourself a medal for fighting the demons in your mind every day
19) you are free and you are loved