*On the topic of racism, in a class where several First Nations students have been sharing their personal experiences with racist slurs* “Like, I might be white, but I know what it feels like to be discriminated against. Everywhere I go people look down on me because of my eighteen thousand tattoos,” *points to very expensive-looking tattoos no 23-year-old should be able to afford* “my piercings, and my hair that I spend at least 50 bucks every weekend dying. Like I really get you guys.”
—  23-year-old CYCC student, submitted by
A pow wow? What the fuck is that, like a party? Are we all going to get drunk–wait, you’re serious? It’s a real thing? Pow wows are real? Hell yeah, I’m going! I love Indians!
—  White Male CYCC student, whose future career will probably involve a lot of “Indians” as we’re training to be Social Workers in fucking *Saskatchewan*. Submitted by
A person’s race can be the first thing you bring up to them if you do it in a positive way. Like, for example,” *turns to only black kid in the room* “Kay, you’re black and I think that’s really cool because I’ve never met a black person before.
—  23-year-old CYCC student, submitted by