Pinocchio weevil, Hammatostylus sp. by Andreas Kay
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The Loneliest “Tree” in the World  

Tucked away in a corner of London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, there is a very peculiar plant. At first glance, it resembles a stumpy palm tree, but this ancient specimen is incredibly rare. It is, in fact, the very last of its kind on Earth.

Encephalartos Woodii is a cycad, a type of plant that once dominated the planet during the Jurassic Period. Over the millennia, the age of the cycad came to an end. And in the case of Encephalartos Woodii, we may have been left with only one—a single male specimen. This tree is the loneliest bachelor on Earth.

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One of our ‘central piece’ from Nova Scotia: a fossilized cycad with a heart of very small smoked quartz. Very nice surprise we had while walking on the beach… And then we realized there was a cliff full of those!

Oh wow! This is gorgeous. May i ask where it is you found this?


Encephalartos horridus

It is always something of an event when we have a cycad produce a cone. In this case it is Encephalartos horridus, the famous “blue cycad” of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. Those leaflets are as sharp as they look - not a plant to back into! This is a female plant, with a wider cone than the male ones.



Fruiting body of sago (Cycas revoluta), with seeds visible. The entire plant is poisonous, but the seeds contain the highest concentrations of the neurotoxins cycasin and BMAA. Ingestion will cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and muscle weakness and may lead to liver failure and death.They are particularly attractive to dogs, to the extent that many vets I have been to have warnings about sago on their walls. Despite the toxicity of the raw plant, various parts can be rendered into an edible starch via careful processing.

This plant is in my parents’ yard, and this is the first year it’s successfully set seed, but now that I’ve warned them, we’re going to remove them before they have a chance to fall.

pandoratelenor  asked:

isn't life living in world that is half fire and half ice difficult? i much prefer the nine realms the gods built us. it got several realms for you beast too! are you still hanging out in does realms. are you. in UTGÅRD? if you are, please send regards to some rich giants. i want more money/norsesuggestions living about 2000 years ago

I dunno about ice, but boy can I tell you stories about fire. Back in the spring of 252 million, there was fire like you wouldn’t believe. Volcanoes spewing lava everywhere. It was a hard time to be a plant. We can’t move, and are pretty flammable, you see. We lost a lot of good organisms that year.

Sorry, I got distracted reminiscing. I don’t know any rich giants. Most of the giants I know have long necks and are real jerks.

~ Mod Cycad


Winter Wedding Kimono. 1940-1960, Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A large and heavy silk winter wedding furisode uchikake featuring yuzen-dyed cycad, basho leaves and waves, with metallic embroidery couching highlights on the lower portion of the garment. About ninety percent of the garment is painted with yuzen-dyes, with the other ten percent or so consisting of the black background. Padded hem and an white second kimono inner layer, called “hiyoku”. Five small mon (family crests).