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Cyclonus through the ages!!! doodles from today… these were mostly caused by the fact that I realized hey, Cyclonus would be REALLY CUTE with long hair. and lo and behold, he IS!!! (will you LOOK at that tiny baby Cyc!!!!!!!)

I imagine he had the long, high ponytail for a long time, throughout his Dead Universe shenanigans at the very least. keeping his hair in good condition kinda became a big thing for him when he was at his worst in the Dead Universe, trying to convince himself he had control…
anyways, I imagine he cut his hair at some point during The Death of Optimus Prime. gotta have those new beginnings.

  • 4 year old boy at work:teacher laura guess what i learned from mom today!
  • Me:what did you lean?
  • Boy:boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls and girls can marry boys. You just marry who you love!
  • Me:thats so true (boys name) its all about love.
  • Boy:i don't know who if i am going to marry a boy or a girl yet. I just need to find someone to love when im ready.
  • Me:*heart melts into puddle on floor over the adorableness. And how accepting and loving kids can be*

Cyclorama construction day six. Note to self - send my wife flowers. @yvonne_moll #filmcrew #soundstage #videoproduction #cycwall #cyc #gripology #onset #preppy #preppygirl #luckybrandjeans #pinpointoxford #architecture #grip #carpentry

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Making Lemons for National Stress Awareness Month

Made Lemons for National Stress Awareness Month. Here is a snippet about my stress relief journey.

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April is National Stress Awareness month! I am celebrating Craft Yarn Council style, and I am making lemon stress balls! This month, we take note of what causes us stress and rid of them in a healthy way. Standing in a slow line? Take it out on a lemon while you wait! Be aware of what stresses you out and find a healthy outlet. My go-to is crocheting, but other crafts work for me too. I try to…

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It was so nice to have a home day last night. I honestly was so exhausted from the week that i fell asleep at 11. Which is early for a Friday night. In a nutshell here is why my work week was a rough one

- 2 coworker gave their notice. Boss is trying to find replacements but.. only people responding so far are not fully qualified, don’t have full training.

- there was a flu out break and 4 projectile vomits in the centre

-there was a lice outbreak. Lots of cleaning. And me checking heads. And in paranoia me getting a coworker to check my head just in case.

- 2 kids got hand foot and mouth disease

- one boy was pulled because family going through issues. Financially and other :(

- we had people come and assess an other boy. Hopefully we will get funding for another teacher and support for working with him (even though finding teachers is hard enough). But i have been his support teacher working with him all week without the extra support pay. He stole my heart. But its still exhausting. His mom said if i ever leave she is pulling him.

-another boy (my centre has 16 kids and only 4 girls). Has been having breakdowns and crying every day he comes. From his drop off at 9 till nap time at 12:30. This started this week. He did not cry before. We think the change in attitude is because. He is looked after by only dad. Mom was not in the picture. She did some things that made her not allowed see him. Now he has supervised visits with her. And is all out of sorts. And the single dad does not know what to do for him either. Its rough.

So a rough week. I hope next week is better.

On a cute funny side note the boy who im being support for. Aperently keeps telling him mom im his gf.

Boy:“loa is ma girlfriend”

His mom: “she has a husband matt. She cant date you”

Boy: “no matt.. me!”

Second child that has sort of threatened matt. Lol

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Mmmn... Who has the mouth stretching for the giant, delicious spike?

anyone you want it to be 

but because i’m in the mood for it right now, TG or Cyc (maybe TG has a big spike that Cyc can barely get his mouth around?)

Pipes and @cosmicdanger‘s aqua triple changer oc…

Roddy too of course, with anyone whose spike is big enough for the challenge
Failure Pact Embark On West Coast Tour

Portland hardcore outfit, Failure Pact, will be touring the West Coast this month:
4.16 Eugene - Trap House -  Deadwitch, Frontflip, TRNT, Dealing Hands 4.17 Oakland - Burnt Ramen - Scully, Endall, MTBA 4.18 Santa Barbara - Funzone - Pale Hands, PTD 4.19 Escondido - Creep13 Punx Safe Haus - Bastardsect, Refuse, JasonXVoorhees 4.20 Tuscon - Gary’s Place - Break Through, Missing Link 4.21 Tempe - fiftyOne West - Spoiled, Without, Break Through, Nosebleed 4.22 Temecula - The Dial - Frustrated, Relevant Anger, Proletariat Youth, Generally Speaking 4.23 Tijuana - Kaffiene -  Bonebreaker 4.24 Fresno - CYC - Farooq, Vicious, Cease 4.25 Reno - Fort Ryland 4.28 Portland - Black Water - Spit Vitriol, Squalor, Muzzle via Scene Point Blank music news feed

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💋 + theminibotprotector (challenge of two cyclonii~)

meme reference 


【☆】⎡❝venturing back into familiar territory here. cyc tastes surprisingly light. kinda sweet, kinda spicy. like jasmine, almost. jasmine or lavender–––probably more like lavender. there’s also some kinda earthy element in there too. it’s very subtle, but it’s nice.❞⎦ 


Our local fire marshal lent us a thermal imaging camera to keep an eye on some scenery for Into The Woods.  Since they are now in performance (without heat issues) we have been using it to keep an eye on the Spectra Cycs, fogger and hazer used in proximity to scenery for A Ring Never Ends.  It’s comforting to have this confirmation that heat is not presenting safety issues and to see the thermal signatures of the different pieces of gear.

Also, we had a request for a way to hold a ring in the small trap on stage.  I whipped up a small channel that the actor can stick his finger in and extract the ring easily.  This contraption keeps the ring secure without interfering with the clump of guts that gets pulled from the trap. 

Gurneys Montauk to Launch Summer Fashion Pop-ups
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Gurney’s, the 90-year-old oceanfront resort in Montauk, Long Island, is upping its fashion game this summer as it completes the third phase of its ongoing renovation. The resort will introduce the Fashion Collective, a rotation of retail pop-ups each weekend from June 16 through Labor Day weekend. Participating brands include Haute Hippie, Fancy, Edie Parker, Maje, Kule, Donni Charm, Otte, Swim Like a Mermaid, LemLem, Kiini, Mara Hoffman, Rebecca Taylor and Sandro. Each label will set up its pop-up on the roof deck of the resort’s spa and will have the space from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is the first season the resort is featuring a fashion-focused retail project of this scope. Last summer, Gurney’s worked with Wellthilly on a health and wellness series that included projects with Reebok, BluePrint and Vosges, as well as fitness outlets, including Cyc Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp and AKT In Motion. The hotel plans to continue and expand that programming alongside the Fashion Collective with pop-up fitness classes with Bari Studio, Y7 Studio, Dance Body, New York Pilates and more. There will also be panel discussions with Cynthia Rowley, Lifeway ceo Julie Smolyansky, and Bari founder Alexandra Bonetti.
“We had great success with the collaborations

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from Gurney’s Montauk to Launch Summer Fashion Pop-ups

 Reading #4 My Choice :The power of Digital Photography

Article: Nick Stubbs

The persistence of good photography articles should be to offer valuable and supportive information on a diversity of photography subjects from digital or film photography, wedding photography to commercial, macro, still life, portrait and anything else you can think of.

4 Important Tips on Shooting for Catalogs:

·         Think Theme

·         Be Consistent

·         Focus on detail

·         Have the right pros

Think Theme

This type of work may include position shooting or a big enough studio to pretend an atmosphere, not to statement props, qualifications and a lot of creativity. In other words, this choice isn’t for the casual shooter, but it cans also knowledge a bigger budget.

Iain Crawford

Be consistent

Having a setup that simplifies repeatability is a big plus, too. If you don’t have a big studio, look into the MyStudio line from Pro Cyc for movable studios that include all you need for reliable results from shot to shot and session to session.

Focus on detail

That means good lighting, clean qualifications and sharp focus. You may want to shoot at a wide gap to blur out experience limitations, so be prepared to use focus stacking when needed.

Mike McCune

Have the right pros

Looking to our friends at Pro Cyc again, the MS20J Tabletop Studio + Jewelry Kit is a great way to get all you need to shoot hundreds of items, not at all limited to jewelry. Best of all, it’s on sale right now, so you can save almost $100 by following the link above. Take a look at the demo video below to see just a bit of what you can do with this kit.


I will suggest everyone who wants to get involved in photography, and also who want to specialized on shooting for Catalogs or Magazine. You really need to practice those   forth concept to have better standard in your project.

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I’m gonna die
How interested they are in having sex with them: super interested 
How much they would pay (or have to be paid) to have sex with them: none at all 
If they would rather bottom or top them: bottom for u cyc
How good they think they would be: oh damn he’d be great and really rough but probably into afterwords cuddling which I dig 
If they’d prefer kitchen counter, wall, or shower sex with them: anywhere 
If they’d fuck, have sex, or make love: sex
If they were going to make it a threesome, the third person they’d pick: idk jitters? Tailgate? 
If they think there’s ever a possibility that it would happen: probably not but I can dream right

Heat wave grips east, central and peninsular India; many dead in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh due to cyclone, hailstorm

As heat wave conditions continued unabated in many parts of India, seven more people died in Odisha and Telangana due to sunstroke whereas Assam and Arunachal Pradesh were hit by a sever cyclone followed by hailstorms on Friday.

Heat wave grips east, central and peninsular India; many dead in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh due to cyclone, hailstorm