Fanfic Masterlist

Updated 3/20/17

*Characters belong to Cybird 

One shots - (language, suggestive,fluff and some maybe naughty- nothing explicit…further warnings listed in descriptions)

Louis x MC 

 Sugar, The Maid, Tease, Wet, Quiet, Only You, Badminton

Giles x MC

 Elite, The Storm, Halloween/Fall Request , Your Tutor, Close

Sid x MC 

The Man Across the Hall,  Personal Space, Bully, Three in the Morning

Leo x MC 

 Literature, Spoil You, Hide ‘n Seek I, Hide ‘n Seek II, The Blacksmith, My Princess, Pillow Fort, Remedy , Sorry 

Byron X MC 

 Byron, the Princess, and the Spider, Distraction I and Distraction II, Intrigue I and Intrigue Part II, Can’t Sleep, Starry Night , Sugar Cookie (For Emi), Hurt , Devilish Vixen Request Summertime Part I and Part II, Sacrifices, Surprise

Alyn X MC  

 Snowboarding, Class (super short, this one seems to be a favorite)  Loneliness and Loneliness (Alyn’s POV), Close , SoupThe Archer , The Most Beautiful Girl

Albert X MC 

 Fluff … Albert teaches MC survival skills. Awkward, Stress Relief, Take Care, A Twist, Kiss It , My Sweet Baby request

Nico X MC 

Shy , Naughty , Lost , Can’t Sleep Request, Delicious, Ex-boyfriend

Robert X MC 

Flooooooof , Robert meets Prince Wagner, Journal Entries

Rayvis x MC

 Goodnight Princess, Prey , Enemies Among Us Part I and Part II

Suitor x Suitor

Albert x Nico + Princess - How to Kiss Part I and Part II

Suitors camping - S’mores

Sid X Louis - When we were kids and The Fallout - MidCin U

Byron x Louis - Halloween Theme Request, Under the Stars 

Multi-chapter - language, suggestive, some gore/trauma

The Soultaker - Part I,  Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V …..Albert, a mystery horror fic…. Finished. MidCin U.

He Who Sees Me Not - Albert x MC Fluffy Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5  - Finished. MidCin U. 

The Evil Queen - Part I , Part II, Part III … Inspired by Halsey’s song Castle..Not finished, MidCin U

The Arrangement - Byron x MC, Part I , Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V- Finished. Steampunk AU. 

The Northeast Castle - Byron x MC - I, II, and III - Finished. MidCin U. 

I’ll Never Be Like You -  Louis x MC  - All Parts - Finished. MidCin U. 

The Sword Fight - Bryon X MC - Part I, Part II - Finished. MidCin U. 

Valentine’s Day Story - Louis x MC  - Part I and Part II

Halloween/ Fall Prompts and Headcanons

Prompt I, Prompt II, Prompt III, Prompt IV, Prompt V, Prompt VI, Prompt VII, Prompt VIII

Byron x Louis request

Suitors fave things about Fall 

Halloween Costumes

Halloween in our universe 

The Enchantment Prologue and Full Story

Christmas/Winter Prompts and Headcanons

Prompt I, Prompt II, Prompt III, Prompt IV, Prompt V

Suitors Gifts to their Pets

Silly Suitors at Christmas  Part I, Part II, Part III

Suitors Winter Dates

Merry Christmas from the Suitors

Suitors as Christmas Carols

General Headcanons

Suitors being kidnapped by MC

Suitors Surprising MC

Suitors wearing Princess’ dress for the day

Princess ignores Suitor’s warning

Suitors wearing MC’s panties for the day

Common Tropes in Every route

Kissing with the Suitors Part I and Part II

Suitor’s love making

Princess kisses/gets hit on by other

Suitor’s cars

Suitors Modern AU Jobs

Suitors and virgin MC

Suitors and platonic affection

Suitors meeting MC’s parents/family

Suitors accidentally hurting themselves

Suitors if MC sent them nudes

Suitors and MC break-up

Suitors and their daughters

Suitors Behaving Badly

Suitors and Pregnant MC

Suitors when bored

Seven minutes with the suitors

Suitors Special Abilities  - Short Part I 

Suitors’ hugs

Suitors at the gym 

Suitor’s Little Secrets

Suitors In a Modern AU (randomness)

Secret Lives of Suitors I, II, and III

Suitors and Tol Princess

Suitors when asked where babies come from

Suitors and child’s first words

Suitors catching MC pole dancing

Suitors thought on living with their GF

Suitors as Kids

Suitors’ Love 

Suitors and Smol Princess

Suitors Biggest Fears

Suitors Fave Boardgames 

Suitors Bedrooms

Suitors and MC worried about her body

Forgetful Suitors 

How Leo and Giles Met

Suitors reaction to MC singing to herself

Suitors bath time

Suitors reactions to MC eating something spicy

Suitors Religions

Suitor Appreciation 

Everyday with the Suitors 

Best Qualities in Bed

Wake Up Suitor’s Style 

Suitor’s Bad Driving 

What do the Suitors Smell Like?

Suitors and Your Exes

What Makes the Suitors Jelly?

Suitors and Cuddles 

How To Tell if a Suitor Likes you

I Can’t Sleep

Suitor’s camping trip 

Sleeping with the suitors

Suitors as Professors 

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Crossover

Your fave suitor’s apartment…

If you’re having a bad day…

Middle Names

Suitor’s MBTI

Five Languages of Love

Things the suitors were told as children…

What the suitor’s stories really are…


As children learning to read and write, I bet Albert was extremely jealous of Byron’s handwriting. Imagine him spending hours trying to imitate the gracefulness of Byron’s handwriting, but not being able to change his crisp, uniform style of writing.
I like to think Nico didn’t want to learn how to read and write, preferring to learn more about swordsmanship. Only after Albert said that he wouldn’t be able to learn did Nico decide to pay attention to Byron’s attempts to teach him. However as much he may have tried, Nico just couldn’t understand cursive, especially when his e’s ended up looking more like o’s. So Nico was like “screw it, I’m just going to write how I want”, which is why his writing looks like what you’d see on a ransom note.

anonymous asked:

Cybrid needs to make an Dtl event where the MC gets a pregnancy scare, I would love to see Hijikata and Takasugi's reaction to it lol

For you, Precious Anon!

My Sweet Baby is my one of my favorite events. It would be fun to see the samurai have their own event like that!

I had just wanted to do a quick doodle for @theotomeowl based on this post.
WHOOPS ( Done in 4 hours, on and off playing the event.)

MC x Leo from @cyikemen‘s Midnight Cinderella with a big ol’ baby bump.

anonymous asked:

I know Cybrid is very busy but they aren't planning on abandoning Destined to love Ikemen samurai right???

No, I don’t think that they are. At least, I hope they’re not! But I also hope they’re not going to just keep stuffing grab bags down our gullet, either.

We players really have no idea. I’m sure that they’re very busy doing…something…for DtL. I’d just love a teaser or an announcement or something. Anything to let English playing DtL fans know that it’s still going strong.

I see they slipped that new Yamazaki birthday story in there. That made me excited to open the app again in a way that grab bags just don’t do!

It would be great to be happily surprised with something like a new event or even better, a new route!

Hi! ^_^ You’re welcome, it’s no problem at all, I love talking about Cy-Bugs and Cybrids! Ooh, very nice, I’d love to hear more about the character once you get them sorted out! :D Ahhh, thank you, you’re too kind! I don’t know if I’m an expert, but I enjoy figuring things out about Cy-Bugs. ^_^

You’ve got the main classes down, they’re based off of real world bug society. Some real bugs also have a male class called drones that are only for breeding with females, but since all Cy-Bugs are capable of generating eggs whenever they want, there’s no need for drones in that capacity.

Baby Cy-Bugs are pretty good at taking care of themselves, as seen in the movie. The Cy-Bugs lay eggs willy-nilly in Hero’s Duty, but in Sugar Rush, the bigger Cy-Bugs seem to be guarding the nest and look to be keeping an eye on them. So, there might be some that are more prone to nurture, even if it doesn’t come out in gameplay. There’s gotta be a quick way to replenish the diminished Hive in the minutes between games. So, there’s a chance that besides the Queen, there’s a group of them laying eggs throughout the Tower, the wasteland, and/or the canyons, if there’s always a handful laying, then there’ll be ones ready at different stages to hatch after each game.

The Queen is the largest bug in the Hive, but there’s big boss-level bugs that can show up (based off of the video game, anyway), so they’re probably a stronger Soldier class of bug that specializes in one kind of combat that varies between bugs and whatever they’ve eaten. (In the game, there was one that had large cannons and specialized in shooting, one that teleported and summoned several smaller ones, and one that shot ice cream.)

The game also has many different appearances for Cy-Bugs, though most of them are based on either real world bugs or technology that they devoured. You could possibly create a secondary class for some of these, like the bomb bugs that explode on impact or the candy bugs that shrink in size several times when you hit them. Likely they’d all fall somewhere under Soldier, though.

The Cy-Bugs in the Hero’s Duty online game function a little differently than most, they all look the same, except as the game goes on, they change colors and become tougher and can deal out more damage. The in-game excuses are that they ate an ammo sphere, a exploding container, and a fire extinguisher, I think. The fire extinguisher Cy-Bugs have a white or silver shell, so they really stand out. After you go against the first one of a new color upgrade, all of the types of Cy-Bugs can have the new color, even the baby Cy-Bugs.

In one of the comics, a group of Cy-Bugs coordinated and swarmed together to make one giant Cy-Bug, there could be a Soldier type that helps synchronize bugs or plan things out, or it could just be the Hivemind that enables them to do that.

Some bugs in the games do not have the ability to fly, so Soldiers are likely split into ground troops and flying troops. Some bugs are able to shoot things at you, while others just run up and attack. So. even within the ranks of Soldier, there’s some leeway in abilities/specialties. All baby Cy-Bugs jump at you, if I remember correctly, they’re limited in what kinds of attacks they’re able to do.

As for headcanon classes, I use an Elite Soldier/Queen’s Guard for my Cybrid, which is essentially a Soldier dedicated to working closely with and protecting the Queen, instead of being out and about on the battlefield. Likely they’d be mini-bosses or bosses before the battle with the Queen.

The Cy-Bugs are military machines, so there could be some classes based off of possible military applications. They’re adaptable, so they’ll change into what they need. A fast flying scout bug could come in handy for spying on enemies, there could be invisible ones that sneak up on their prey, maybe some can make loud noises to distract people, or even ones that use bright flashes of light to blind whoever they’re fighting. One of the coloring books has a Cy-Bug with wheels and I think there’s a mention of bugs eating vehicles in the novelization, so there’s some possibilities there.

Cy-Bugs aren’t often reduced to one battle gimmick, at the very least they’ve got their claws and their teeth. Their special abilities depend on their size and whatever they’ve eaten.

There’s a whole lot of possibilities out there, if there’s something you want your Cybrid to be focused on, see if you can figure out a real world bug way to do it or if there’d be a way that your idea would have military application.

I got a little carried away there, but the main thing is, there are those three main classes you mentioned, but you’ve got a lot of wiggle room to customize them and really make them your own, while still working with what little canon that’s been established.

Three Little Kitten(bug)s - Open

Yet another sunny day in Sugar Rush… Presumably. It was hard to tell in the dark caves that had been carefully dug out throughout the world map. The theme song’s base thudded gently in the distance, muffled by layers of chocolaty earth and barely hidden by the footsteps of three young cybrids as they crawled through the tunnels.

“I can’t believe I let you guys talk me into this…” one grumbled. Her dark armor was barely visible in the darkness, and she would’ve disappeared completely if not for the glowing red lights on her back and the glow of her core underneath a worn, leather backpack. She continued, turning briefly to glare at the others. “Mother’s gonna be mad when she finds out about this…”

“Geez… Calm down, Download…” The white and green cybrid behind her rolled her eyes. “The Queen’s asleep. She won’t find out… Besides, even if you said ‘no,’ we would’ve gone ourselves. At least this way you can… ‘keep up safe.’“ She made air quotes with her long claws and chuckled.

“… I suppose…” Download admitted weakly. “But if we’re gonna do this, we’re still following Mother’s rules… alright, Cookie?”

“Yeah, yeah… whatever.” She waved her hand dismissively.

“I’m serious.” the dark feline growled. “Mother says it can be really dangerous out there, so we need to stick close to-”

“‘Stick close to the cave entrance and hide if a stranger gets close.’“ The brown cybrid at the back of the line adjusted his glasses and frowned. “We’re all well-aware of Digit’s rules… She used to repeat them every single time we ventured out into the Overworld.”

“You know, before Queen decided we weren’t allowed out any more… Right about the time we all stopped bein’ a foot tall, wasn’t it, Syntax?”

“I believe so.” He tapped the clipboard tucked under his arm. “It’s been some time at the very least… I barely recall what the overworld even looks like… I assume you’d know even less, Download, since-”

“Shhh…” Download hushed as they reached the end of the tunnel. A small exit opened on the roof of the cave, covered by what appeared to be a thick wad of bright pink cotton candy. Download carefully scaled the wall and tried to push the sugary floss aside, but with some difficulty. “If you’re really so set on going out there, help me move this…”

Her siblings joined her, and together they were able to push the sticky mess aside, flooding with light and almost deafening music. Once they’d adjusted, they cautiously peered out from their hole out into the world around them.

They appeared to be at the very edge of a peppermint forest, right next to a valley filled with enormous gumdrops. The pink icing that covered the world was thick and swirled around the trunks of candy cane trees, tiny flowering lollipops and fluffy cotton candy bushes. The music, now bright and clear, rang though the pastel green sky and echoed from the ice cream cone mountains in the distance.

Syntax immediately crawled out, not even pausing to comment as he took notes and pictures of the surroundings, but Download was completely awestruck. She emerged slowly, eyes wide with curiosity as she took in the bright colors of the sugary wonderland, for the moment forgetting the dangers that she had only just reminded her siblings of moments ago.

“… woah…”

Cookie chuckled as she leaned against the cotton candy. “See? What’d I tell you, Download? This’ll be fun.”