cyborg memoirs DHD tee 

XL on whoismatthewlaw | S on yours truly | L on npc215 | and i heard the local hottie precolumbian looks good in one too

an update: as of 29aug15 i’m almost entirely sold out of the black tee. plans to do a 2nd run are in motion but i’m not sure if i can pull it all off before paperjamfest this Saturday…which is ironic because i made them with intent to sell at the fest. @_@; in the meantime, the white tee is still available in S/L/XL……… more soon.

Eighteen of Cyborg Memoirs,

All That’s Left is beautiful, raw story-telling about gender fluidity in an era long after our bones. Your narratives have me convinced that it is happening; not quite in our present, but in their ’now’… in some sort of temporal parent layer running in tandem with the child-subset of our existence.

You illustrate a distant future where the decaying vestiges of old-world elitism teether on the precipice of wasteland inevitability. But there is a fascinating post-human existence outside of those wasteful empires.

I enjoy your cyborgs; I enjoy their dialogue; their humanity is irrefutable in the selfish pursuit for intimacy.

They demonstrate their transhumanist traits with all qualities of mechanical and drug-induced body-jacking, and they transcend the two-gender construct of archaic societies. Any body is any body. 

And the pornography—did I mention the pornography? I’m sure a lot of us are up for that kind of multi-sensory, body-swapping carnal immersion; in a strange way, it hits close to home. 

I went through this in one night–it ended too soon. 

catch me here tonight doing soundscapes for four of Philly’s most incredible writers, with the amazing Martin Peeves on visuals. it’s free! also, we’re gonna pass a hat to raise money for a new legal defense fund as well, so if you’re into that bring some funds!

♠ those who came before me ♠

Did you know? I’m turning my All That’s Left zine into a book with full audio book accompaniment. The original #zine stories will be expanded and joined by six new tales of post-binary #dystopian #cyborg drama. If you’re a fan, or just curious, check out the URL in my profile & tell a friend. =}



a zine for the dystopian future-now, science fiction for 2013

shoutout cyborgmemoirs for the copy, i will be copping the other two packets asap

anonymous asked:

I have girl bits but I love being called He as well. And I love thinking about sex as a man. Do you have man or girl bits?

I would caution against calling my genitals either “man” or “girl” bits. 

Sometimes, when I’m with my lady, I’m a house cat with a pussy. Sometimes I’m a very harsh Sir with a **** bits. Sometimes I fuck my boo deep with my cunt, sometimes with my prosthetic dick. Sometimes I like to be penetrated, but where, with what, how and with who is more dictated by my state of mind at the time than what configuration my physical genitals are in. Other times, my genitals do not come into play at all.

I don’t mean to be tongue in cheek. These are my honest feelings and experiences. I find it very empowering and meditative to describe my pre-assigned body parts with other words. Likewise, I find it wildly freeing to describe the sex acts my pre-assigned body parts are involved in with similarly confusing, wrong, grammatically incorrect, physically “inaccurate” phrases and words. 

The relationship between my ghost and my shell is a tricky one; sometimes the physical feedback doesn’t get interpreted as anticipated, and I find myself at odds with my genitals, my ass, my chest, and what is happening to them, what other people want from them. I’ve had to reassign values to certain things in order to make the acts & interactions meaningful, powerful, and enjoyable for me, myself.  

What does it mean to have girl bits? 

What would it be like if I had been born with outward genitals? 

There are enough other cyborgs in my city that I can have sex as anyone I want. 



a slogan tee inspired by my All That’s Left sci-fi universe /

  • front + back printing 
  • prewashed 
  • custom label jawn 
  • on ‘unisex’ (men’s) gildan tees

black text on white
white text on black

shirt shown flat is size L. on me (5'3") is size XL

free shipping in the US

available online $25 here

& 4 cheaper IRL at upcoming book fair/zine fests/readings/etc 


cyborgmemoirs replied to your post:I FORGOT TO TELL Y’ALL when I was in the cafe on…

dang. proper. i was gonna get Caska’s brand on my titty as a first tattoo for sooo long but then I was like wait yo, this is a cursed brand lemme think about that….

RIGHT THO it’s a great concept but with it comes great responsibility…I can’t swear an oath to fight the darkness for all of eternity…I’m kinda more into like, antiques than fighting darkness…lmao. I would however take any opportunity I had to bitchslap Griffith into next month 

acrossthru asked:

just got the word from leeway about the trans lit salon format: "There will be an “open mic” portion of the evening. Rather than at the end of beginning of the night, J Mase and Annie have proposed an open mic style where there will be a person between each performer. Audience members whom have signed up will be picked at random to perform a piece that is 3 minutes or shorter."

omgggg yes yesss! this is the 7th yeah? ty for letting me know i will sooo be there <3

is that annie as in annie mok? love her 

Zines are practically graffiti, right???

Eighteen’s All That’s Left - First Packet came in the mail today. I like it and maybe you will like it too. Little Tachikoma memo-note says Hi!


Advertising posters for Ambiguous Genital Assignment Procedure (AGAP) usually have images of sweet animal faces on them. Access card-sized bills are shoved into ATM hubs in certain neighborhoods (you can guess which), undulating at you with their holographic pink and shimmery purple backgrounds while a round and sympathetic pet’s face smiles knowingly. If you’re wireless, the animated sequence cycles itself in time to the rhythm of your most recently listened-to song:


—  From something I’m working on––it’s real basic right now. March will see lots of obviously in-progress work finally shaping into completed items that I can feel positive about…