we are hibernating
our dualisms
our lingual dyads
in that ruse of sure
in cerebral vortex
splitting the triad
here anatomy is an alias
a haruspex within
the anonymous radius
this is a stellar
to a cosmic cipher
the rhetoric nethered
to a neurotic nucleus
be it i, in heart
and hull : comatose
on a pelvic diagonal
on an orphic ego,
dogleg & erose
be it you : in nihil est
a tawny talon reaching
inside the blacklash
of a wasp’s nest
let me study
your guerrilla ontology
and my post mortem of
that should be a dissertation
on the castration of an apology
dear darling, are you my
ghost or am i your guest?
this is how we sink in love
i as the failed cyborg
you as my turing’s test

The Cyborganism writes a Love Poem, Scherezade Siobhan© 

for iccru/digital darkcore

[first series, 2012]

1. The complexity of the medium is inversely proportional to the eloquence of the message.

2. Hypertext is a more conservative medium than text.

3. The best medium for the nonlinear narrative is the linear page.

4. Twitter is a more ruminative medium than Facebook.

5. The introduction of digital tools has never improved the quality of an art form.

6. The returns on interactivity quickly turn negative.

7. In the material world, doing is knowing; in media, the opposite is often true.

8. Facebook’s profitability is directly tied to the shallowness of its members: hence its strategy.

9. Increasing the intelligence of a network tends to decrease the intelligence of those connected to it.

10. The one new art form spawned by the computer – the videogame – is the computer’s prisoner.

11. Personal correspondence grows less interesting as the speed of its delivery quickens.

12. Programmers are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

13. The album cover turned out to be indispensable to popular music.

14. The pursuit of followers on Twitter is an occupation of the bourgeoisie.

15. Abundance of information breeds delusions of knowledge among the unwary.

16. No great work of literature could have been written in hypertext.

17. The philistine appears ideally suited to the role of cultural impresario online.

18. Television became more interesting when people started paying for it.

19. Instagram shows us what a world without art looks like.

20. Online conversation is to oral conversation as a mask is to a face.

[second series, 2013]

21. Recommendation engines are the best cure for hubris.

22. Vines would be better if they were one second shorter.

23. Hell is other selfies.

24. Twitter has revealed that brevity and verbosity are not always antonyms.

25. Personalized ads provide a running critique of artificial intelligence.

26. Who you are is what you do between notifications.

27. Online is to offline as a swimming pool is to a pond.

28. People in love leave the sparsest data trails.

29.  YouTube fan videos are the living fossils of the original web.

30. Mark Zuckerberg is the Grigory Potemkin of our time.

[third series]

31. Every point on the internet is a center of the internet.

32. On Twitter, one’s sense of solipsism intensifies as one’s follower count grows.

33. A thing contains infinitely more information than its image.

34. A book has many pages; an ebook has one page.

35. If a hard drive is a soul, the cloud is the oversoul.

36. A self-driving car is a contradiction in terms.

37. The essence of an event is the ghost in the recording.

38. A Snapchat message becomes legible as it vanishes.

39. When we turn on a GPS system, we become cargo.

40. Google searches us.

Image: Abbey Studer...

Don’t usually do these but I like this one:

I was tagged by apprenticebard, and must now share five things I like about myself. Here we go.

1. I like my hair. It’s long, wavy, blonde, and I can feel like an elven princess without too much effort going into it.

2. I like my dedication. I tend to follow through on most things that I commit to. It’s allowed me to get the last job I had and into the grad school I’m in now.

3. I like that I can entertain myself. If there’s not much to do I can simply go away into my own head and make myself laugh at old jokes I’ve heard or make up stories.

4. I like my eyes. They’re a dark blue/sometimes grey, wide, and I can make terrifying looks with them.

5. I like that I’m independent. I’ve managed money well over the past two years. It is very freeing and gives me extreme peace of mind. It also makes me feel accomplished.

OK! Now I’m supposed to tag followers. You all make a post sharing five things you like about yourself, then tag some of your followers so they can do the same. :)

Some Mangle sketches, since I haven’t posted art for a bit

Mangle does not have a defined gender, as they are a cyborganic being made of both female and male parts. Because of Mangle’s mangled appearance, they are kept away from the children a lot under the demands of Toy Freddy, but they make the most of their isolation by cleaning and surveying the Pizzeria for enemies.


Finally finished my first gemsona, Jade! She’s definitely not a fighter, preferring to use her mind and special ability instead of her fists (she abhors fighting due to the war.

(I’ll clean up the colored version later when I actually become good at coloring.)