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Tari’s Top Ten Favorite Big Damn Kisses

The Big Damn Kiss, AKA a kiss that is Serious Business.  Usually a First Kiss, often resolving the Unresolved Sexual Tension and frequently conveyed with much fanfare and music swelling. XD

  • #10 - Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans)

Yeah, I know, you’d think for them being my number one OTP of all time their cute confession and kiss in the rain in the Teen Titans DTV movie Trouble In Tokyo would be higher up on the list.  Lol.

But while I endlessly love how adorably awkward Robin is as he tries to stutter out his feelings and how Starfire just smiles and tells him (essentially), “Just shut up and kiss me”, and that their romance music cue pipes in right in this moment, I think the moment itself is actually kind of underplayed for a BDK.  Also the animation is just a teensy bit awkward.  (Sparking the eternal debate about whether or not Robin’s eyes are closed.)

Nevertheless, my reaction is the same as Cyborg’s and the other Titans:

“Well, it’s about time.”

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all characters from pkmn + mario fanfics, do YOU ship any people you know???

“Well, I don’t know how many of us actually do this, uh, ‘shipping’ that we’ve heard of, but Greninja gets excited for gay couples a lot.”

“I saw Nidoking and Rhydon get together, and that was so cute! And then I wanted to cheer for Alakazam and Machamp, but Carracosta stopped me, which was fine because they were having a moment. But they’re together now, and it’s adorable!”

“What the hell is ‘shipping’ anyway?”

“A term for when you actively support a couple. I think Daisy knows about it.”

“Shipping is awesome!! Have you seen Luigi with Yoshi? They’re oddly cute together! But I don’t know about Mario and Bowser, because that’s kind of a ship I’d go against.”

“I don’t like this ‘shipping’ thing anymore. I have a real Airship, and that’s all that matters to me!”

Hmm. I wonder how each of the characters would have this broken down.

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meta on when you think robin first realized his feelings for starfire? or when he wasn't quite in denial of them but not including trouble in tokyo?

When do I think Robin realized his feelings for Starfire, huh?

Well, I think there’s a strong case to be made for “Betrothed”.  In the RobStar episodes prior to this point (and the TTG! comic issues that take place before it), Robin has been very comfortable around her and hasn’t shied away from doing romantically-coded things with her–taking her to watch fireworks (“Sisters”), taking her on a Valentine’s Date (TTG! #4), dancing with her at prom (“Date With Destiny”).  And he’s been nonchalant or brushed off the other Titans’ insinuations that he has feelings for her.  Even in “Betrothed” he barely responded to the accusation that he might be jealous.

Boy’s either oblivious or he really thinks that they’re just friends.

…Actually it’s probably both.  With a hefty dose of denial.

In any case, the next major RobStar episode after “Betrothed” is “Stranded”, wherein Robin acts like he always does around Starfire but this time responds with vehement protest at Cyborg’s teasing.

“You liiiiiiiike her!”


Robin has been in love with her from the start (let’s face it, he was a goner since their kiss in “Go!”), but this is the first time he’s actually reacted to that fact.  So yeah, I think either during or sometime after “Betrothed” he became aware of his heretofore unconscious feelings for her.  It makes sense; up until then I think he’d sort of been taking her granted, but the idea of losing her was a big wake-up call and he was forced to confront what he thought about her being romantically with someone else, or having to leave the Titans behind forever.

Boy probably had to do a lot of introspection after that episode.

Of course, just because he’s realized he has feeling for Starfire doesn’t mean he has any clue what to do about said feelings, hence the hilarity of “Stranded” and the drama of Trouble in Tokyo. XD

RobStar Week, Day 7 - Proposal

(Gah this week sucked IRL for me.  I am way late with this I know, and the drawing isn’t done either, but here it is, and I am proud of it.

Took a different route with this one than the straightforward one, to indulge my favorite Raven Secretly Likes When Robin And Starfire Are Lovey-Dovey At Each Other Because It’s Like An Empathic High For Her headcanon.  Enjoy my dearies!)

“You seen Robin anywhere?” asked Beast Boy, poking his head in the door.

Raven flipped her book to the next page, glancing up briefly before returning her eyes to the text.  "He took Starfire up to the roof with him about two or three minutes ago,“ she answered.

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Speaking of Lois Lane, each Titan are interviewed by the Daily Planet. Beast Boy's First, Starfire's last.

Beast Boy: Gushes a lot about nifty little animal facts he knows, expresses excitement for upcoming comics and video games, shows off his shape-shifting abilities several times.  Lois can’t get him to keep still for a minute.  Has to add a lot of captions to her transcript to describe what the changeling did during the interview.

Cyborg: Gets asked the uncomfortable, “So how did you wind up a cyborg anyway?” question right upfront, summarizes as briefly and vaguely as he can and then proceeds to show off all the cool things about his cyborg-parts.  (Lois again is forced to add descriptions to her transcripts.)  When asked about life in the Tower, complains that Beast Boy is a total pain and hints and makes smug insinuations about a certain Boy Wonder and alien princess’s relationship AHEM.

Robin: Answers Batman-related questions with a very bored tone, eventually tells Lois he’d really rather stand on his own merits as a hero and answer questions about the Titans instead than keep repeating himself on Bat-issues.  She quickly changes gears and they have a lovely discussion about leadership and the responsibilities of heading a team.  She brings up Cyborg’s interview and asks if he cares to comment on certain insinuations and he stumbles his way through an awkward series of stutters and half-answers.  She summarizes it in her report with a wry comment about his becoming flustered but denying anything more than friendship.

Raven: Is a maddeningly frustrating interview all the way through.  Answers yes or no to most questions.  Eventually Lois gets her to open up about the struggle to balance her emotions and inner demons with her hero work.

Starfire: Quite eagerly shares about Tamaran when asked, she and Lois develop a nice banter and back-and-forth about galactic politics, alien worlds, and the struggle to fit in on Earth.  Starfire expresses some disappointment that she has yet to meet Superman and asks Lois if she’ll arrange that since she seems to have a “close” relationship with the hero.  Lois quickly changes the subject to Starfire’s own relationships with the team.  Starfire gushes a lot about her friends and quite boldly proclaims, “Robin is very special to me.”

When I suggested to Sean that he took Elijah’s hand, it was because I thought anyone who knew the book would care about the deep friendship – often of an innocently physical nature – and that that might be missed by two resolutely heterosexual actors, who mightn’t appreciate that gay people like myself saw in a touch something perhaps more meaningful than others might. And so to persuade him to touch Elijah I’d say “Well, look, it’s in the book…”
—  Ian McKellen, Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, cast commentary disc 1

I was watching theanimeman’s translation of Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday and saw that Sachiko picked the girls in the love comedy because “he is the most popular with the female students and these were the girls that like him” which made me stop and think. Yes Naomi, Ayumi, and Yuka have feelings for Satoshi but since Ms. Yui was picked because she once confused him for her past crush when she was sick and Tohko was chosen because they met once in a past loop it means that the definition of ‘like’ isn’t specifically deep. They don’t have to have a full on crush or even be completely aware of their feelings to fall into this category, it seems. That means that as far as guys that are popular with the girls, in regards to only those at Heavenly Host, Yoshiki would at least be even with Satoshi. 

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The Derica feels have possessed me so bad today!

“I don’t understand, Erica.” Derek asks, shaking his head. “If you love this pack why would you leave?”

“Because…” Erica rushes, tears threatening to fall. “Because you said not to let it happen again and that was the only way I knew how!" 

"What are you even talking about?” Derek raises his eyebrows.

Erica leans in and kisses Derek full on the lips. This kiss is hungry, begging for a response.

“Erica,” Derek whispers, pulling her away. “Erica, please." 

"Yeah,” She breathes, nodding her head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So that’s why I left.”

(I’m sorry….)

I’m so not sorry. 

I have a new ship

Guys, I think I must see everything in shipper view. Cos I have a new ship. Even though I know that Dr Wells will probably become evil in the end, I still ship him with Barry. I mean they have that mentor - student thing going on and he seems to be obsessed with keeping him safe. U mean who can forget that wonderful quote - “the fastest man alive is to be kept safe”. So up top wellen or barrison or wellsallen. You’ve got a new shipper.