cyborg plays breath of the wild

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dumb humor, but the face Link makes when he tries to draw a weapon without having one equipped is the funniest thing in the entire game, so I took pictures of every version of Link doing it for kicks and giggles.

just like photoshop something into his hand for the perfect ‘wtf is this’ reaction image lol

anonymous asked:

If you were to imagine a book into being, written well and everything, what would you want it to be about? What would the characters be like? What would the genre be? Sorry this is so random, I'm trying to price something together and I want to know what people what to read.

Well to be honest dear, I try my hand at everything and there’s not one specific genre I enjoy reading! As long as it isn’t 20th century existential fiction that is, but anyway, I digress. I believe, having spent an absurd amount on Goodreads reviewing and talking with other reviewers, that as long as something sounds interesting (as in ‘original’), we’re game to try it.

The literary market - especially for Young Adult - is saturated with so many knockoffs of other popular books that there are a lot of mediocre works being published to satisfy “the masses”. That being said, don’t go so niche you’re writing a plot that centres around Ancient Roman underwater bondage parties. My best advice to you, tl;dr, is to write what you know and/or love best. That way, even if the public reception happens to be poor, you’ll have spent an enjoyable time writing the novel and will be able look at your finished work with fondness.

So, anyway, I’m going to go full on creativity mode for this! If anyone has novel recs that reminds you of the below please send them to me, I’ll probably promise you my first born in gratitude or something equally ridiculous (and unwanted)

this is insane, but

  • teenage angels in slums born without wings in love with the sun
  • the warrior and the machiavellian trope as the warrior woman king that slaughtered her way to the throne with her queen consort(s)
  • the adopted orphan prince, the prophet of the new religion, wild and joyously violent ; ancient dynasties vs the revolutionary divine
  • the messiah, with his wild blasphemy, not using words but rather fingers to sculpt entire new holy books with metal and stone and rust
  • old apollonian gods clashing against the dionysian machinery 
  • boys loving boys because they love boys and not their hatred for women
  • sacrificial arcs and pretend sacrificial play, because metal and surgery and cyborgs and the defeat of death
  • a kingdom that is burning bright and alive and breathing more holy to the populous than the gods that they worship, a city that knows intimately each and every secret lining above and below the streets
  • weaponized femininity, blood-red lipstick optional
  • ugly and ruthless players in the never ending game of chess because it is in their nature to walk down dark paths with golden hearts, but gives us reasons to fall in love with them again 

So I’ve noticed the developers have made significant efforts to horse-proof Zora’s Domain (and most of the Lanayru region in general) so naturally, I embarked on a quest to get mah boi Big Red to see some fish people!

Searching for a way across the rock ledge at the base of the trail, we met a friend! He seems nice :D

Finally got across the rock bridges by dropping Big Red into the water upstream then walking him across a fallen tree, which he didn’t like :c He got some apples as compensation though! The biggest test is behind us!

Getting closer! Big Red has been such a trooper!

Almost there!!

We made it!! Sadly Big Red can’t go up the stairs to meet Prince Sidon, but that okay, A++ for effort!!

…I wonder if we can get to Shatterback Point?

Part 2 of the saga here!

So anyone who’s played Breath of the Wild is probably familiar with the dam on the Great Plateau, right? Well, I was randomly poking around there, and I happened to notice these two little stone tablets with writing on them behind each of the bird statues. 

It took me awhile to translate them, but they both say (at least, the best that I can tell):

On this day, the King of Hyrule opened this structure to the public.

Of course with no date provided, but it’s still pretty cool! :D