cyborg ship

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good ending: noodle is confirmed gay and has a girlfriend and it's not made into a big deal. bad ending: noodle is implied gay and everyone starts shipping her + cyborg. true ending: noodle is left ambiguous and We Gays, as usual, get nothing

The most frightening ending: they make her straight


“Of course only that most SUPER name!!”

Welcome to the Strawhats, Nico D. Olivia!
((the ‘D.’ was at Luffy’s insistence, for good luck. parents-Frobin AU!))

No Choice

Not too much action going on in this page, but SOON. Oh no I cliffhangered you all again ;;v;;’ I don’t know when the next part is gonna come because I’m going to japan in just 3 days from now!! ^^; hopefully this will make you excited for when I come back! ;v; 

Part 1: Ready or Not
Part 2: Welcome to Motherhood
Part 3: It’s a Surprise
Part 4: Trial of the Trimesters
Part 5: Safe and Sound
Part 6: Wish you were Here
Part 7: Celebration
Part 8: Preparing the Nest
Part 9: Fears
Part 10: Fears Calmed
Part 11: An Omen
Part 12: –