cyborg pride


I like to think about the small loving smiles and touches between Genos and Saitama.

After a night of passion:

Genos sitting on top of Saitama as the man relaxes, caressing the cyborgs thighs. Genos having both hands on Saitamas face. Stroking his thumbs over Saitamas eye brows, the bridge of his nose, noticing how it is slightly bet to the left, not enough to see when standing in front of the man. The cyborg swells with pride knowing this is a secret just for him to know.

Metal fingers trace over the mans cheeks bones. A small bump of a scar underneath perfectly healed skin on his right cheek. Tracing down his jaw and up to his lips. Eyes staring in fascination at the man who holds his heart.

Saitama, eyes closed, softly nuzzling into Genos fingertips and palms as the cyborg explores. Laughing as Genos tickles his ears on accident decides to pulls Genos down for a lingering kiss.

On another occasion maybe after both have gone to sleep, Saitama wakes up in the middle of the night. He feels odd because Genos isn’t by his side and when he sits up he notices the cyborg had rolled away from him. Genos is facing away, back toward Saitama. He’s mumbling and his body twitches every now and then.

Saitama becomes fascinated by soft glowing coming from Genos. He lies back down and begins tracing all the grooves and panels in the cyborgs back. Notices all the little scrapes and dents. Runs his fingers all the way up to Genos’ neck and back down. Genos is warm to the touch and a soft hum travels from his body into Saitamas fingers.

Genos wakes as hands sneak around his waist and pull his body back. Hes now leaning slightly into Saitama as the man begins to feel around Genos’ chest. Genos reaches for Saitamas hands and places his fingers between the mans as one of Saitamas hands stalls on his lower left side.

“This ones new,” Saitama mumbles into Genos’ neck.

Genos smiles as a giddy feeling passes through him. His core heating up. Saitama noticing something so insignificant about him has him turning toward the man. Saitama seems startled but his lips curl into a smile as Genos nuzzles their noses together.

I had a dream that Genos was running his thumbs over and over Saitamas eyebrows as a way to help Saitama relax. It turned into Genos tracing over Saitamas features. Finding little scars here and there.

I don’t know but my favorite thing to think about is Genos or Saitama tracing each other’s faces. Just looking on in fascination at the person who loves and understands them. Who they love with just as much of themselves.

I like the idea of knowing those little things about a person that no one else knows too. I image Saitama has to have some scars or bumps from growing up until his training. I bet Genos would be excited to know every single one.

As for Genos, someone with an ever changing form. I bet Saitama would love to trace over all the panels. Memorize the chips and nicks. I’d also love to see him maybe find a specific ‘scar’ that he always touches, and Genos doing his best to keep that ‘scar’ in place just for Saitama.