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People keep talking about CYBORG Murdoc or CYBORG 2D…So what about CYBORG RUSSEL??? 

I just wanted to do a small concept of what cyborg Russ would look like. Let’s just say that Cyborg Noodle got back together and made the rest of the band into cyborgs somehow in a way to get back at Murdoc and the others? I feel like he would wear that one camo outfit that Russel has just to annoy him and fit in with the other cyborgs and their military outfits. Cyborg Russel wouldn't talk at all and would just make small grunts or growls here and there (Probably because his loud ass boombox mouth would be very destructive)

some gorillaz headcanons
  • 2d was a teenager during the 90s which means that he knows all the lyrics to all the quintessential 90s songs. when noodle was little they would blast backstreet boys and nsync throughout kong studios and dramatically sing along and jump on the couch pretending to put on concerts. it helped get noodle used to performing and also taught her how to pronounce words in english. even now as an adult noodle will start playing i want it that way on the home speaker system and 2d will show up in the doorway twenty seconds later dramatically screeching “TELL ME WHY AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HEAAAARTACHE.” they both go OFF and have accidentally broken multiple items because they were jamming out so hard.
  • murdoc is half mexican from his mom’s side. it’s part of the reason he went to mexico after phase 1 and why he can speak spanish. he learned rudimentary spanish from visiting his mom in the sanatorium as a little kid, but since he couldn’t visit her much and she died when he was about 11 or 12 he had to teach himself the rest of the language in his 20s.

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Damian as TT Animated Robin

Robin’s family was a bit of a mystery. The Teen Titans knew and respected that as best they could. It was just hard sometimes.

Or: five times the Teen Titans wondered about Dick Grayson without knowing they were wondering about Dick Grayson.

TT AU with Damian as 16 y/o TT!Robin, mostly grown up and much more comfortable than his eleven year old canon self.

Starfire and Raven were the two newest to the world—growing up in another dimension or another planet entirely was definitely a pretty good way to avoid TV news and pop culture.

While Raven put effort into getting to know her new world, it was a rather localized affair. She made a point of knowing what nightclubs and cafes had open poetry mics, an overview of the governmental systems currently in place, how to obtain a library card, and other such things that directly affected her day-to-day existence. Starfire seemed to enjoy the thrill of discovery and the inevitable subsequent sharing of culture that would occur whenever her teammates discovered something she had not previously encountered, and likewise enjoyed telling her teammates of similar practices on Tamaran, or the lack of them, as the case may have been.

Usually, their lack of connection with Earth culture (and very specifically, urban, Pacific Coast, United States culture) meant very little in the grand scheme of things. If they were caught off balance, most civilians gave them a pass because slightly strange faux pas were hardly the worst or strangest thing costumed heroes had done, and the Titans at least were sanctioned. Someone would explain things, get it all cleared up within a few minutes, and any destruction of property was written off and paid for in the cash pool specifically set aside for the inevitable accidents a group of superheroes would cause. So long as their mistakes didn’t cost anyone their lives there was compensation, and the lack of Earth knowledge was an eternal work-in-progress.

All things considered, it should have been expected that neither Raven nor Starfire knew about Nightwing.

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  • Murdoc: Despite the Gorillaz break-up, I want to have our guitarist back. Come help me, okay?
  • Murodc's moral compass: Okay.
  • Murdoc: You get some pencils, and I'll get some big paper!
  • Murodc's moral compass: I thought we were gonna find Noodle.
  • Murdoc: And do all that work? No, we're going to invent a robot to be Noodle FOR us!
  • Murodc's moral compass: Won't inventing a robot be more work than finding and saving Noodle?
  • Murdoc: It's only work if somebody makes you do it.

cbulldog09  asked:

Could you do BBRae "is that my shirt?" for the prompt list, please?

Better late than never, right? Slight lime in here, folks. 

He decided he liked the view. 

Something about the way her back curved, the line of her spine that he could trace with his fingertips, like a painting come to life.

The rays of the sun were just beginning to trickle in, and the crisp, white linen sheets sat rather immodestly about her gently rounded hips. 

Her skin was porcelain; a blank canvas, lightly lined with scars that he’d spent some of the previous evening getting to know. 

Her hair was a tossled mess of obsidian violet splayed across the white of her pillow. Her shoulders shifted ever so slightly with every breath she took as she slept soundly. 

Yeah, this was certainly a view he could get used to. 

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