cyborg cockroaches

Cockroaches are widely despised. They’re attracted to filth. They frighten people, even give them nightmares.

But for a team of scientists at Texas A&M University, the roach is a hero: the first animal that humans might successfully transform into a robot, a hybrid of insect and machine that we can send anywhere to be our eyes and ears.

Professor S. Bradley Vinson is an entomologist — an insect expert. Professor Hong Liang is a mechanical engineer. The point of their work is to build the perfect cockroach cyborg: an animal that can crawl into tiny holes and around jagged edges with recording equipment, for surveillance, for example. Or, if there’s an earthquake and a building crashes, Liang says, deploy them to the second floor for search and rescue, “so when they reach there, they can work as a vehicle. If they can carry any sensors, cameras, they can collect information for us.”

What Cockroaches With Backpacks Can Do. Ah-mazing

GIF: Courtesy of Texas A&M Engineering

Tracking the movement of cyborg cockroaches

New research from North Carolina State University offers insights into how far and how fast cyborg cockroaches – or biobots – move when exploring new spaces. The work moves researchers closer to their goal of using biobots to explore collapsed buildings and other spaces in order to identify survivors.

NC State researchers have developed cockroach biobots that can be remotely controlled and carry technology that may be used to map disaster areas and identify survivors in the wake of a calamity.

For this technology to become viable, the researchers needed to answer fundamental questions about how and where the biobots move in unfamiliar territory. Two forthcoming papers address those questions.

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Chinese student can control a cyborg cockroach with his own mind | Daily Mail Online)

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  • Cockroach is fitted with an electronic ‘backpack’ to stimulate its antennae
  • Backpack’s controlled by an electroencephalography (EEG) headset
  • Brainwaves read by it used to direct the cockroach in a certain direction
  • Innovation could be used for reconnaissance missions, inventors say

Cockroach Cyborgs