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Queer aint a slur stop tagging this q slur it's rude to all the people who identify as queer

queer is a slur that can be reclaimed ya weirdo. i’ve reclaimed it, others dont wanna reclaim it because they have horrible experiences with that word, so i tag it so they dont gotta see it ya smelly sock


Gillian Anderson Facebook q&a

Secret Ending Spoilers
  • Saeyoung:Do you want an ice pack or some pain killers?
  • Saeran:I wanna die
  • Saeyoung:Why you always ordering off menu...

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do you not respect queer people? i thought you were queer yourself?? please be respectful and stop with the q slur tag

just because it’s a slur doesn’t mean people can’t reclaim it lol. stop trying to erase the experiences of people who’ve been called “queer” in a homophobic way and associate it with violent homophobia & dont wanna see it. you fuckin weirdo

Gillian Anderson is an adorable little muffin, who is entertained by the little hearts and thumbs-up at her live video screen. She can’t talk and cook. If you try to do that, you are not invited. She would marry Scully, fuck Stella and kill Bedelia. She eats chocolate and does meditate. She can recommend you many things, but only by describing them and not remembering the exact thing. She is weird and that is okay. Loves Virginia Wolff and Landslide. And don’t pierce your nose if you are 9. Also honey and jam on toast.