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I wonder if Q has ever had to go up against some odd villains. like, maybe he runs into mirror master. complete coincidence. (or is it?) MM is after some dude who skipped out on a deal, and now he's tearing apart his house to find him. finds Q in the bathroom, going through the medicine cabinet. pockets a bottle of pills as MM sputters in surprise. pulls medicine cabinet out of wall, and a great eye blinks in the gap.

:o i very much like this scenario

in the comics he mostly fights low level drug dealers and street thugs, and focuses on political corruption and injustices ignored by the police. he also goes after arms smugglers and other criminal organizations

in the animated series he decides to step up his game and kill lex luthor

he literally just breaks into lex’s office waiting for him and is ready to fucking punch him to death but it turns out lex is a cyborg now and q is the one who gets his ass whooped

his traditional methods don’t really work against/pit him against supervillains very often, but i really like the idea of him running into them every once in a while when their areas of interest happen to cross and the villains make the mistake of thinking q is like batman because uuuuuuuhhhh

he’s not

they’ve added a “no-kill” rule to him recently but it’s mostly enforced by batman and/or superman. in the o’neil run he 100% offs people if he has to

he would 100% kill the joker is what i’m saying

He takes a shuddering breath in, then another one, and then, finally, screams and clutches at his head and drops to his knees, trying to dig into his brain with one hand and scrabbling at his inputs with the other. They’ll find the tips of his dominant fingers, his left ones, bloody and raw from attempting to pull Silva out of his head the manual way. [x]

I’ve just read The Body Electric by 8611 and felt the urge to draw Cyborg!Q. Not usually my cup of tea but damn… That one was good. Just go and read it, folks.