So, AS USUAL I have been working away in secret with @kayzig on rampant stuff, and I am finally solidifying these ladies (who you may have seen glimpses of) into definite roles. Well, you’ve seen Bianca and Cybil on and off… I guess Urmi is a debut!


cybil byrne

(my entry for simswhen’s soulmate/legacy project contest)

cybil is the illegitimate daughter of a playboy father and his mistress (one of many) whom she’s never met.  she was raised mostly by her father’s bitter and resentful wife and therefore never really knew the love of a mother.

she moved out of her father’s house as soon as she could and has never returned.  cybil longs for a place of comfort and support and love.  she is very nurturing and kind and around those she cares for can be childish and playful.

she has an old-fashion mindset about love, and is a bit damaged and insecure, which has made it difficult for her to find someone to open her heart to.

cybil enjoys classical music, the colors of the sea, and homemade grilled cheese sandwiches

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Because like every year, I draw myself a birthday gift, as sort-of fallback for when/if people forget… :o

Some of the faces could have come out better, but it’s still pretty decent considering it’s just something I drew in under 3 hours.

So, yeah. Go me!