I wanted to do a romantic comedy with Jack and Ianto, and the obstacle between them getting together is a pterodactyl! But Gareth added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end. Obviously, the unspoken thing is that Ianto wants to get in to Torchwood so he can keep his girlfriend Lisa alive, so that’s a beautiful bit of empathising by Gareth that wasn’t in the script. That’s the extraordinary thing about this cast: they never stop creating.
—  Chris Chibnall on Ianto’s Story in Fragments (Torchwood: The Official Magazine Issue #4)

people being excited to see Moffat leaving because they think he is so sexist (see here post on why that’s bullshit) 

even though he’s being replaced by the guy who wrote Cyberwoman aka the thing with the most completely illogical sexualisation of a female character in the Whoniverse to date 

now don’t get me wrong, Chibnall has done really well in basically all other areas of his Whoniverse writing 

but maybe people need to get their heads out of the ground and consider that a new writer isn’t necessarily magically going to be better than Moffat just because years ago they decided he sucks and can’t even see how much better diversity in Doctor Who has become in his last few years at the helm