*doctor who spoilers*

I’ve seen the Torchwood episode Cyberwoman quite a few times and I could never really understand why Ianto didn’t realise how dangerous Lisa actually was even when she tried to kill the team. I got that he was in love with her etc but I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see past that.

Then Bill Potts got turned into a cyberman. I cried so much when she said “I waited for you”. Bill has been my favourite Doctor Who companion ever I think she’s so beautiful and funny and smart and i was heartbroken when that happened.

Now I understand why Ianto did what he did. I would do the same for Bill. Even though she is a cyberman I would protect her at all costs. Now I can see why Ianto still believed that Lisa could be saved even after she tried killing the team. I feel so bad for Ianto because now I feel like I can actually understand what he went through and it’s so sad.

Do you think Jack felt bad about sending Ianto back into the Hub to execute his girlfriend in Cyberwoman? At the time, he was furious, but once it had ended and Ianto was a broken man trying to put his life back together, do you think Jack regretted some of his actions that day? And that one in particular? 

Do you think we’re just trying to make him out as a better person by thinking so? That he was, in fact, a hard man and had no regrets? I guess I find the latter hard to believe given he ended up in a relationship with Ianto. Maybe he didn’t regret it right away, but perhaps as he grew closer to Ianto he did. Perhaps Ianto opened up about Lisa and Jack finally realized just what he’d done in forcing Ianto inside at gunpoint to execute the woman he loved.

Personally, I think Jack regretted it. We see him regret other things. We see him mourn, and cry, and feel guilt. I think he would have understood what his words did to Ianto that day, and once they became close, I think it would have been a major regret in his life. 

But sometimes I worry about writing Jack as more the man I want him to be and less the man he was. 

*goes back to writing new story*

I wanted to do a romantic comedy with Jack and Ianto, and the obstacle between them getting together is a pterodactyl! But Gareth added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end. Obviously, the unspoken thing is that Ianto wants to get in to Torchwood so he can keep his girlfriend Lisa alive, so that’s a beautiful bit of empathising by Gareth that wasn’t in the script. That’s the extraordinary thing about this cast: they never stop creating.
—  Chris Chibnall on Ianto’s Story in Fragments (Torchwood: The Official Magazine Issue #4)