If you are a Transformers fan, or more specifically a Grimlock fan, I shouldn’t have to tell you that the Dinobots are will spotlighted in the upcoming game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. In this video you can see ALPHA testing footage of Grimlock’s game playable character. I am extremely excited about getting see the Dinobots in game, but also be able to play as their leader. Make sure to watch until the ending of the video for an appearance by Swoop.

All Aboard! [Closed RP]


It was a new day on Cybertron. It has been six months since the whole issue with Shockwave and the trial of Megatron. Fortunately, the green bartender wasn’t present during the whole “Dark Cyberton” event, but when he did arrived, parts of the City of Iacon was still in state of repairs. 

While the green mech was very busy at his new job, serving drinks to Autobots, Decepticons and neutrals, he had heard of the trials of Megatron, the former leader of the Decepticons. It was he who made the green mech leave Cybertron in the first place. Although, Double Tap was oblivious of the end result of the trial because he was eager to join the new of The Lost Light. 

Even though he had just return to his home planet, he was ready to leave and see new sights. Although, he had to go through a “crewdition” in order to get in. Of course, he he knew it was some sort of joke but he went through it. Surprisingly, after so many people being rejected, he was accepted! Thanks to his bartending and mixing skills. 

And he starts today! Welcoming in the new crew members. A “Before-Takeoff-Celebration”. Although, after receiving his new room, he had learned that Megatron was on board and was captain! A bit too late to turn back now…

Still, he had heard that there was Rodimus Prime, as well as Ultra Magnus. But he hasn’t seen neither of them, nor Megatron. Well, it is a big ship, Double Tap thought to himself. Perhaps I will someday soon.


Maybe someone can help @transcendentcacophony with our moon issue for The Winter Festival World project?

@transcendentcacophony was the one who made the awesome Cyberton moon I use in Amnora Glipsunu and now they are working on a custom moon for the project @satureja13 and i are working on that will eventually be usable by you all as a “save file”

ANYway..I had a lot of moons to chose from and settled on this one that looks sorta like a Fire Opal. I want it to be big..but no too huge to render easily with all its details. Problem is, it is rather a huge sparkling bubble of a moon.

Which might not be a bad idea..but I think a bit more opacity would be a better effect.

Does anyone out there know what the problem is? If so please give feedback.

Speaking of this project: I had an issue today with one of the crystals on the roof of the sample house shifting upon reload of the lot, so no interior shots until i figure out why that is happening.