Dragons…as humans?

Well, this concept is nothing new, but OLI wanted to try her spin at them. This is only a interpretation, and should not be considered set in stone. Everyone can make them as they like.

Small notes:

Barf would probably be the one on the left, and Belch on the right. They  probably like to blow things up. Heh.

I imagine Toothless having some kind of a Native American feel to him, but that’s just me. Remember, it’s not set in stone!

Yeah, I forgot the Terrible Terror!

They all band together as a “Dragon Clan”, but Toothless is not a part of them, or his disbands himself from the others a lot. He’s more curious about new things and likes to explore. I don’t picture him to be like, emo or something. :P

I can write a better description than this, but it’s late. Anyone have any ideas?

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