Mr Limpy Packer Review

Well, a few weeks ago I purchased a Mr Limpy, and I feel after a few weeks of having and using it, I should review it fully.

Here it is.

Okay, I’m 99% sure I didn’t take that picture, but it was saved in my phone’s photos, and that is the Mr Limpy Extra Small.

The Mr Limpy is also known as the Packy or the Mister Softie. It’s a pink cyberskin packer and it comes in sizes extra small to large. Now, you may think extra small sounds too small - but extra small is within the actual average penis length in cis males. So it’s really not too small. Also, as I’m a teenager, and a short one, I didn’t want anything too big. So a small packer for me.

The extra small is 3.5 inches, whereas the small is 5, the medium is 6.5, and the large is 8.5.

So now onto the usage. My recommendation for usage is tight underwear. I wear tighter boxers that are more boxer-brief like for packing. Always, always, ALWAYS cover it in talcum powder or something similar - especially the flat part that rests against your body, and the head. On my first day of using it I neglected the talc and the head stuck to the balls. There’s now a little stain from where I also got denim fluff stuck to it. So use the damn talc!

In terms of positioning, I pushed the shaft to my right side and tucked it in against my thigh. That way there was a bulge, but not a boner-ific one. 

What’s my ver-dick-t? Well, I personally like this little guy. It’s not perfect, but it’s rather realistic in terms of bumps and veins, and it’s a good size and a good price. I have no issue asides from keeping it covered in talc. So I would give this packer 4/5 - good to start with.

always judging everyone who has any kind of sex with a cyberskin toy and doesn’t use a condom

cyberskin has countless pores and is actually literally impossible to clean

bacteria and fungi (from just the general environment and also residue from all the times you’ve ever put it into any orifice) live and breed in the pores of your cyberskin dick

do not put that shit into another person without using a condom ever

you are getting on your knees and pleading with all the STIs of the world to infect someone who is willing to have sex with you and maybe even loves you

how fucking dumb can you be