always judging everyone who has any kind of sex with a cyberskin toy and doesn’t use a condom

cyberskin has countless pores and is actually literally impossible to clean

bacteria and fungi (from just the general environment and also residue from all the times you’ve ever put it into any orifice) live and breed in the pores of your cyberskin dick

do not put that shit into another person without using a condom ever

you are getting on your knees and pleading with all the STIs of the world to infect someone who is willing to have sex with you and maybe even loves you

how fucking dumb can you be

Male Sex toys Extravaganza

If you reading his, you are most probably a male looking for some sort of intimate toy that you add to your collection, if you not male you most probably a female looking for a male erotic toy for your male partner or friend. Even though female sextoys has been around for years, male sextoys have now gain notability among users. There is many male toys on the market at the market. It never been so good to be single. Even though you may think that sextoys for males is seen as a toy for only men, we at thelandoferoticgadgets believe that sextoys for men does not necessarily  mean only men can use it. In fact there is no reason why a couples cannot use it.

Single men or married men can now use masturbator sleeves to increase their stamina in the bedroom. They will use the penis sleeve to bring themselves to orgasm and then learn themselves to release. After a while they should be able to control and enhance their orgasm.

Vacuum pump is another choice for men who would like to liven their sex life. The device works as a compressor. It works on the basis of stimulation of the cavernous chambers inside the penis. Because of the vacuum pump, blood is forced inside the penis and thus engorged the whole penis. The more blood that enters the penis the bigger it becomes. If you want you can even place a cock ring at the base of the penis which will enable you to keep the blood inside the penis for longer. Some men have noted that they use the penis pump to enlarge their manhood. Theoretically speaking increasing blood flow inside the penis will widen the penis and thus enlarge the penis if you use the device over a long period of time. That said it has to be noted that as the user  you should keep in mind that using the penis pump more than you should can cause damage to the male penis.

The artificial vagina (fake vaginas) has been around for years.  As the name suggest the artificial vagina was built to resembles a women’s genital area. In some of the newer fake vaginas you will find extra attachments like vibrator to enhance sensations. When choosing the perfect fake vagina for yourself you may be able to choose one with breast attachments or anus.
Older artificial vaginas are made from rubber but the newest version are made from substances called cyberskin. This material is known to feel almost exactly like real skin.

Sex Toy Materials

As sex toy manufacturer become more and more successful, they have been realizing that if they want to stay competitive they would need to become more and more innovative in their design their product and more lifelike. Sex Toy manufacturer Lelo whole design and marketing campaign is about how to make the product as sensual and innovative as possible, while a makers of the fleshlight main focus were to create a substance that feels exactly like skin.
Potential buyers now have the opportunity to choose from an array of product that best suit their desires. Different materials are now used in toys, so they it can help a buyer to choose their perfect choice.

Silicone must be the most known material use at the moment. The non porous material ensures that the toy stays bacteria free. Because is solid it is usually used in products that are waterproof. This means the products can be used in the bath or shower and of course it’s very easy to clean.
Phthalates is another substance used by carnal machine manufactures. This material  can make plastic flexible and thus can be very useful for them, unfortunately some people cannot come in contact with the substance as they may have a sensitivity issue.  For this reason users of sex toys have tried to stay clear from any adult toys containing this substance.
Jelly products is another favorite among the developers of innovative marital-toys. Of course the problem with jelly adult toys is the high change that these toys are contaminated with bacteria. If using a jelly toy it is highly advisable to use some sort of anti bacterial sex toy cleaner which you can purchase from our online website  .
TPE also known as Thermoplastic elastomer is used to make certain toys where people are allergic to certain products like latex . These toys are porous in nature which is why we believe you should use condoms if two or more parties are using the same sex toy at the same time.
These days metal and glass are also used to manufacturer sex toys. These toys are seen as exclusive intimate-toys. The manufactures have noted that these toys can cleaned by placing it in boiling water if the product is waterproof. This will get rid of any bad bacterial germs that may cause you harm.
Cyberskin is the newest name in sex toy material. This product not only resembles real skin but also feel the same when touched.