do you get the feel that in the seven-ish years between blackwatch tactigoth chastity belt mccree and yeeehaw larp mccree he lost sight of what constitutes a reasonably sized packer

he went from a sensibly priced 4″ cyberskin to the POWERJACK 4KHDR™ MAGNUM MAXXSAC™ CUSTOM COLOR BLEND as his daily driver and tbh i support him in living his thick meaty truth

Mr Limpy Packer Review

Well, a few weeks ago I purchased a Mr Limpy, and I feel after a few weeks of having and using it, I should review it fully.

Here it is.

Okay, I’m 99% sure I didn’t take that picture, but it was saved in my phone’s photos, and that is the Mr Limpy Extra Small.

The Mr Limpy is also known as the Packy or the Mister Softie. It’s a pink cyberskin packer and it comes in sizes extra small to large. Now, you may think extra small sounds too small - but extra small is within the actual average penis length in cis males. So it’s really not too small. Also, as I’m a teenager, and a short one, I didn’t want anything too big. So a small packer for me.

The extra small is 3.5 inches, whereas the small is 5, the medium is 6.5, and the large is 8.5.

So now onto the usage. My recommendation for usage is tight underwear. I wear tighter boxers that are more boxer-brief like for packing. Always, always, ALWAYS cover it in talcum powder or something similar - especially the flat part that rests against your body, and the head. On my first day of using it I neglected the talc and the head stuck to the balls. There’s now a little stain from where I also got denim fluff stuck to it. So use the damn talc!

In terms of positioning, I pushed the shaft to my right side and tucked it in against my thigh. That way there was a bulge, but not a boner-ific one. 

What’s my ver-dick-t? Well, I personally like this little guy. It’s not perfect, but it’s rather realistic in terms of bumps and veins, and it’s a good size and a good price. I have no issue asides from keeping it covered in talc. So I would give this packer 4/5 - good to start with.

I decided not to get a new stp but I did buy a new packer, it’s the reelmagik classic 4.5". First impressions are that it has a nice feel, firmer than cyberskin obviously but less firm than the zues packer from packer locker. Almost has a gel like consistency like the emisils balls.
I haven’t put it in pants yet but just boxer briefs looks nice and doesn’t seem huge.
Very realistic, partially flat back, I’m excited to see how it does actively packing

Edit: Omg I’m just wearing it while I’m laying down and guys it’s so nice having balls between my legs. This is my first packer that has big enough, mostly round balls and they are so nice I love this dick already

anonymous asked:

im a cis woman and my son (ftm) has asked me if he can get a packer. can you please explain the purpose of a packer, what types of packers exist, general packer info and how to get hold of them. i want to support my son as much as i possibly can but i get lost sometimes. thanks

Jay says:

What your son most likely means is one of two types of packer - there are others, but those are for “adult purposes” and not what he’s likely asking his mother for!

So there’s a soft packer - the most common options being the Mr Limpy, Masho, or even just socks, but you can understand how they would differ. Soft packers are like prosthetic penises made from “cyberskin” which is a sort of very soft, squishy silicone. 

He also might mean an STP, or stand to pee device - popular ones include the EZP, the Mr Fenis, and the terribly named SheWee (which is really for cis women going camping). These are basically devices that… let you stand and pee. Ones like the EZP and Mr Fenis are penis-shaped, for trans men, while stuff like the SheWee is for cis women who want convenience.

As to where to get one, FtM Packers is an online store dedicated to packers. They have a fair variety of brands available. The sections you’d be interested in is Silicone packers, budget packers, and STP packers - prosthetics are FAR more expensive, complicated, detailed, and often have a sexual component. Each category also lists brands that they don’t sell, but that can be looked up and purchased elsewhere - like the EZP.

Unfortunately there doesn’t tend to be real life stores that stock packers due to the limited retail market for them.

Some general tips for packers is that cyberskin shouldnt be flat against your own skin - it will horde bacteria. Use cornstarch (NOT talcum powder / talc) to stop your packer from getting sticky, and wash it after every wear (ie if you wear it all day, wash it before wearing it the next day).

Other than that, let your son see what’s on offer, or ask if he already has something in mind. 

veteratorianvillainy  asked:

Bucky Prompt~ Post-Cap 2 Bucky, with Tony and the arm. Don't care if it's Tony geeking about the arm or he and Tony commiserating about the tech given them by their captors (Tony/arc reactor forever). Off to leave my tip now <3 (and yes I def want a pic of Bucky in the Bartment!)

Title: No Camo
Rating: G
Summary: The wounds inflicted by one’s enemies are a terrible privilege. 
Warnings: Some discussion of ableism and PTSD. 

When Bucky slouched his way down to the workshop in Stark Tower, carefully casual, and threw himself sullenly into a chair, Tony ignored him for a few minutes. He was, of course, working on something important (as all of his projects were) and somewhat delicate. But above and beyond that, he found he got much better results when he gave people a few minutes to stew about not being asked what was wrong before he asked what was wrong.

“So what it is this time,” he asked, not looking up from his work. “Steve, food, or the future?”

Bucky was currently in a pitched battle with food, because the Soldier hadn’t been given much in the way of solids and Bucky felt he should be able to eat an entire hamburger at this point, even though his body disagreed. He was also in a pitched battle with certain elements of the modern era; some of them he had adapted to as the Soldier, but other things like reality television were totally new and apparently unacceptable.

But the sigh he heaved said it was probably Steve Rogers, Pushy Motherfucker, who meant incredibly well and coped incredibly poorly. 

“He keeps remindin’ me you can camo my arm,” he said. “You know what I found him doing?”

“Looking at sex toy stores online to investigate the most realistic flesh covering for your prosthesis?” Tony asked. 

“How did you know?”

“I suggested it. He’s been bothering me about it too, and I figured if he was going to keep doing it, I might as well force him to look at fleshlights and packers. His poor forties brain is probably twisting itself in knots." 

"Well, it’s funny when you say it like that.”

“Everything’s funnier when I say it.” Tony leaned back and drummed his hands on his arc reactor. “You know why I never put a cap on this thing?”

“You’re Tony Stark?”

“Well, yes. But also, I wanted people to see. I want people to see my reactor every day and be reminded that I survived and my enemies did not. I assumed that was why you kept the arm bare.”

“He doesn’t understand,” Bucky murmured.

“Of course not. He literally can’t be scarred. He doesn’t get why you wouldn’t want to look normal if you had the chance, even if you had to wear dick-skin on your arm.”

Bucky’s lips curved up a little. “All he ever wanted was to look normal. He means well.”

“He’ll get over it eventually.”

Bucky looked down at his arm – improved and buffed to a shine courtesy of Tony himself – and flexed his hand. “I wish I could see it the way you do.”

“Don’t you?”

“I just…it’s part of me now. It would feel wrong to look normal. But it’s…not mine, it’s theirs. Still.”

Tony made a come-here motion with one hand, and Bucky slid off the couch, offering his arm for Tony to grasp. He slid the sleeve of his t-shirt all the way up, turning the arm over and around, studying it. 

“Much like most of the US space program, which was more or less founded by Nazis, this is beauty derived from the ugliest man has ever been,” he said. “I admire the purity of the engineering that went into it. I can still hate the people who did this to you." 

"What do we do?” Bucky asked, sounding lost.

Tony picked up an airbrush canister sitting nearby. “Let’s get some face masks." 

When they came up that evening for dinner, Steve was in the dining room, setting the table. He looked up and saw Bucky’s arm, covered in swirling swoops of vivid blue, lined here and there with white, dotted with metallic gold stars, and just about dropped the pile of plates he was holding.

"We decided against the cyberskin,” Tony announced. “Gave him a paint job instead. We’re putting the racing stripes on tomorrow.”

“Well, it’s…different,” Steve offered.

“Thanks,” Bucky said. “I like it too.”

always judging everyone who has any kind of sex with a cyberskin toy and doesn’t use a condom

cyberskin has countless pores and is actually literally impossible to clean

bacteria and fungi (from just the general environment and also residue from all the times you’ve ever put it into any orifice) live and breed in the pores of your cyberskin dick

do not put that shit into another person without using a condom ever

you are getting on your knees and pleading with all the STIs of the world to infect someone who is willing to have sex with you and maybe even loves you

how fucking dumb can you be