CD Projekt RED Explains 'Cyberpunk' Trademark - IGN
According to CD Projekt RED, the trademark was registered as "a self-defense measure only."

Cd Project Red Trademarks The Word ‘‘Cyberpunk’‘

Lol. Really? Thats Like Def Jam Trademarking ‘‘Hip Hop’‘


Prey 2

Your a Alien Bounty Hunter in a Open world Cyberpunk setting with Parkor skills & Futuristic Weapons. Sounds Cool Right? Well probably Could have been Had Bethesda Not Canceled It.  -___-



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  • cyberpunk content creator™: yeah in the future man body mods and shit will mean that anyone can look like anything, race and gender won't mean squat, we're all a collection of organs and brains and we'll really get to explore and push what it really means to be human
  • cyberpunk content creator™: (still relies on the same old racist, misogynist, transphobic, colorist, classist, fatphobic, colonialist, homophobic, and toxic masculine tropes in their entire work)