cyberpunk skin

anonymous asked:

I have no idea how synthwave is """"cyberpunk""" or especially how it got chosen

As I am not part of the decision making process I don’t know how it got chosen either, that’s entirely an admin decision!

However as far as cyberpunk is concerned I was drawing inspiration from retrowave/neon cyberpunk looks for the skin so it may not be the brand of cyberpunk you may be thinking. I’ve compiled some inspiration photos I was using below so hopefully that helps you some :)
Touchy-feely: New force-detecting synthetic skin gives robots a sense of touch
A smart skin developed by Chinese engineers may help robots – and people with prosthetic limbs – get in touch with the world around them.

Re: @emmajanelee  …What humans won’t create, AI inevitably will. By giving robots sensory faculties ahead of AI coming into its own, robots will be able to sympathize with humans on the level of feeling. They will know pain, they will know pleasure. Without this tech, they would only have a purely theoretical understanding as opposed to an experiential sense; and with this knowledge, presuming at the very least an amoral sentience, it can at least take basic precautions to avoid inflicting pain.