cyberpunk leggings


Ok so I bought these ages ago and forgot to post pics but here’s my awesome @coeykuhn cyborg leggings printed by @weejapeeja! This is the first really high-quality pair of leggings I’ve ever bought and it’s really worth it, the fit is great and the material is very luxurious. Also the waistband actually sits properly on my waist which is amazing!!

Finally get around to draw Chariot’s chrome legs! Obviously I’m much better at traditional art. Here’s to hoping you do well with school and may you overflow with inspiration (and time to write the fic :) )

Crossposted on my IG too bcs this is way too good not to post there. Zaffre286

Thanks! It’s so rewarding to see people invested in this, I can’t even express. And the timing was perfect, too! I needed something to cheer me up. I love everything about this pic, especially Croix’s expression, she’s like “Y the fuck, Char, you’ve got a whole workshop and a mechanic gf, and you still mend yourself on a couch using a screwdriver and a flashlight, the drek is wrong with you, gal”. Cute stuff. I will try my best, thanks again!

Etherdustrial V.2 .LGS

I’ve been working with a new manufacturer to create a new collection of leggings. Printed and sewn by hand in Canada using a 4-thread overlock which incorporates a safety stitch along the seam for durability and stretch.
88% polyester 12% spandex, compression fit. Custom fiber blend is a medium weight, sturdy yet breathable. The print process uses soylent free sublimation inks for a vibrant, beautiful range of colors. Machine or hand wash on cold, tumble dry yo.

More news shortly.

EDIT: [: Dustrial Dot Net is live. ]