cyberpunk jacket

Character Design Challenge: Tatters

Hey guys, the submissions have been fantastic! You guys have been sending some very creative ideas my way, and it’s been a blast to read through! I’m excited to see what you guys think up this week.

Now, A quick recap of the guidelines for anyone who is new to this!

  • Character designs just need to be based on the prompt given. How you connect your character to the prompt is up to you though!
  • Character designs can be submitted as pictures/sketches of the character, backstories, full character sheets with stats and spell choices and abilities, etc…
  • Can be for ANY system (Dngeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Mutants & Masterminds, etc..) as well as for a homebrew system
  • Submissions must be given to me by next Wednesday (July 13th) via my asks, fan mail or submissions. These can be sent ANY TIME you have them ready before that date
  • OFFENSIVE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - This has not been an issue in the past, and probably should go without saying, BUT better to say it and have it out of the way. If you submit a character design that is offensive in any way, I will not post it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that submissions that include graphic or thematic elements, or deal with offenses as part of their story will be turned away - only if the design itself is being designed to mock or offend others

.And now for this week’s inspiration!

Battlegear by Toxic Vision

This coat has been through hell and back it seems, making it rich with story. So who wears this coat? Why does it seem so rough and battle hardened? What do they use it for? Does it provide any benefits for them? There are many possibilities for a jacket like this - tell me who this coat belongs to, why they have it, what they do, etc…

Submissions will be posted next Wednesday (July 13th) So get your submissions in fast!