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Character Design Challenge: Tatters

Hey guys, the submissions have been fantastic! You guys have been sending some very creative ideas my way, and it’s been a blast to read through! I’m excited to see what you guys think up this week.

Now, A quick recap of the guidelines for anyone who is new to this!

  • Character designs just need to be based on the prompt given. How you connect your character to the prompt is up to you though!
  • Character designs can be submitted as pictures/sketches of the character, backstories, full character sheets with stats and spell choices and abilities, etc…
  • Can be for ANY system (Dngeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Mutants & Masterminds, etc..) as well as for a homebrew system
  • Submissions must be given to me by next Wednesday (July 13th) via my asks, fan mail or submissions. These can be sent ANY TIME you have them ready before that date
  • OFFENSIVE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - This has not been an issue in the past, and probably should go without saying, BUT better to say it and have it out of the way. If you submit a character design that is offensive in any way, I will not post it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that submissions that include graphic or thematic elements, or deal with offenses as part of their story will be turned away - only if the design itself is being designed to mock or offend others

.And now for this week’s inspiration!

Battlegear by Toxic Vision

This coat has been through hell and back it seems, making it rich with story. So who wears this coat? Why does it seem so rough and battle hardened? What do they use it for? Does it provide any benefits for them? There are many possibilities for a jacket like this - tell me who this coat belongs to, why they have it, what they do, etc…

Submissions will be posted next Wednesday (July 13th) So get your submissions in fast!


The first of many to come for one of two, maybe three, story ideas in the works. While I’ve not thought of a name for this with Eddie and a few others, I’m sure it will come in good time. ^^ Very excited where it might go! For now, enjoy this bio! =D

Eddie Santiago grew up with a notion that doing well in school would get you very far. Upon graduating with honors, that notion was thrown away when he realized that opportunities were swept up before one could even begin to consider them. Plus, he lacked the drive and social skills at the time to establish any connections to get his foot in the door with his desire to make interactive media with a big company.

Jumping from one job to the next, Eddie did what he could to support himself on his own. He would always do his best to stay in one job for a long period of time before he found another. The reason being is he felt like he wasn’t progressing in the corporate ladder, and he could never fit in with some of the co-workers. What really irritated him to no end was that all his effort to get anywhere with any job had gone to waste when another co-worker moved up despite their lack of motivation.

Fed up with how people were playing favorites among others, Eddie considered studying another profession when he encountered his childhood friend, Lucy Martinez. Seeing the lioness rekindled many fond memories they had, and he agreed to work alongside her at a shop that specialized in repairing a variety of vehicles. With her help, he quickly learned the ropes of repair services and became the go-to guy when scavengers were needed to fetch for parts in designated areas that served as spaceship graveyards. When he’s not working, Eddie is spending a lot of time with his gal pal as they travel to the nearest city and take in all of its glory.

One day when they were exploring the city, he had expressed interest in wanting to settle somewhere off of their current planet and make a living for themselves. Eddie knew that he wasn’t getting any younger and still yearned to make interactive media. This time it would reflect the games of ages past after encountering a vessel that housed old arcade and game consoles. Lucy agreed to this, and the two spent time creating a mockup of a spaceship cockpit to teach themselves on how to pilot one someday.

That is if they manage find one…

Stay tuned for more of this! And thanks for reading. ^^

As an added bonus, here is a failed attempt at an initial pose just for comparison.

Art © ETW

Called it consumerism because I’m an Edgy Teen™
I don’t own the photograph used for the background and I cannot find the original photographer. For now it’s a placeholder, until I can find an image I’m allowed to use or draw the background in myself. 

Urgh... lame!!!

So im trying to find a “cyberpunk” jacket…
All i can find are jackets that would make me look like the following…

An extra from the matrix
A school shooter
A cenobite
A bdsm dude
A under dressed roit control dude
An extra from tron

Why can i not find a jacket i like!!!