cyberpunk illustrations


A lot of people are still asking about when the Fisheye Placebo comics will be updated. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I hurt my hand years back and had to slow down on drawing. Drawing comics takes many hours to create each panel and all that together to make each chapters literally broke my body.

As a solution, I’ve been working with a team of 3D artists to build models that I can paint over to help speed up the comic making process. The downside to that is before all of the characters and backgrounds are built, I can’t post new chapters. But once they are built, the chapters will come out much faster than before :) Please be patient and understanding of the challenges we’re facing, and thank you for all the support over the years.

Here’s a teaser drawing of the main antagonist from Fisheye Placebo. His identity has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned ;) Like a lot of my recent posts, this drawing incorporates a photo background to save my hands from further damage. I’m still working on the video tutorial to show everyone how this is done, and doing calculations for the Thanksgiving Charity sale. More updates to come!


EVERYONE! I’m launching my very first Kickstarter to fund the printing of my very first artbook, featuring 30 paintings from my “Occult Supergiant” series, over half of which will be BRAND NEW and UNSEEN work!

If you’ve ever wanted to support me, this is how! Books, pdfs and custom art are all available! It means a lot to me as a trans woman and as a freelance illustrator to be able to support myself off my work, and you make it happen!