cyberpunk goggles

Your name is the RWBY FANDOM, also known as the FNDM. Your interests include FAIRY TALES and MYTHOLOGY, and you can often be found with your nose in historical texts and classic works of fiction. As far as fashion goes, you’re somewhere between steampunk and cyberpunk, hence the nifty goggles. You also love GUNS, and your favourite hobby is turning everything into a firearm of some description. This neat lil’ fork here? It doubles as a pistol. You have all of the guns. All of them.

Your chief method of item storage is your HEX MODUS, which is not nearly as occult as it sounds. Each item you pick up is assigned a hex code, which you input to retrieve the item. Pretty much infinite storage capacity, but with the drawback of having to keep tabs on all the item codes. Good thing you’re so proficient with COLOURS.

You can be mischievous and a little reckless at times, but you try to give people a chance before judging them too harshly. That being said, sometimes your fighting instinct gets the better of you and you end up rushing into a battle just so that you can try out that sick new move combo you dreamed up. Your chumhandle is beatificBullet, and if you had a classpect, you have a feeling you would be a ROGUE OF LIGHT. You’re good friends with the RED VS BLUE FANDOM, and fortunately you don’t seem to have made too many enemies yet. Oh, and you would never go anywhere without your trusty COMBAT SKIRT.


First official pair of (strictly) goggles (done CyberFreak style).

This one is called Ghost In The Machine…. (I’m just leaving it at that)

(AKA end result of playing with power tools)


And while the coffee is brewing for the afternoon coffee break (I need one today) here’s some (shameless self promotion) reminders of the stuff I’m particularly proud of.

Industrial Revolution (pic1): The cyberpunk mohawk

Ghost In The Machine (pic 2): The cyberpunk-ish goggles


Cyber Neural Net (pic 3): available with or without the goggles.