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Kodansha USA’s finally released the artwork for their new Akira 35th Anniversary manga box set! This set will include the entire Akira series in hardcover, and in the original Japanese right-to-left format for the first time ever! It will also include the Akira Club artbook as well as am exclusive patch with the iconic “pill” design. Pre-orders for the set are currently $65 off on Amazon, so now’s a great time to hop on that deal! The set will be released October 24, 2017.

Battle Angel Alita returns!

Brigid Alverson tweeted the news from C2E2 that @kodanshacomics announced they’ll be releasing brand new hardcover 2-in-1 omnibus editions of the original Battle Angel Alita starting “Holiday 2017″! They teased that they will also come with “bonus content”! No word on exact dates or SRP, but I’ll post up more info as it becomes available! (In the meantime, you can always listen to the semi-recent podcast episode I recorded with @rachellovescomics on Battle Angel Alita to see just why it’s a sci-fi classic worth your time!)

random su “filler” episode ideas that might actually be constructive:

  • mayor dewey finds out that lapis is the one who stole the ocean. he marches to the barn and makes her do community service. lapis goes along with it for reasons probably involving steven, and finds out that she enjoys having something constructive to do which takes her mind off things. many fart jokes are made in the process of this discovery.
  • peridot finds ronaldo’s blog and becomes his biggest fan. when they meet, ronaldo reacts to the fact that a literal little green alien is a fan of his… interestingly. chaos probably ensues.
  • some wrestling bigshot is in town and sees the purple puma fighting. they offer to sign pp for a big contract, and amethyst is torn about whether or not to take the chance.
  • jasper, in her quest for a gem army, runs into the cool kids. this leads to her discovering the human concept of “cool” and attempting to emulate it. at some point she gets a new cape with spiked shoulder pads.
  • somehow, garnet is introduced to the concept of speedrunning. as it turns out, future vision has the tendency to turn one into a living tool-assisted speedrun, and she starts chasing the world record time for the crying breakfast friends tie-in video game. this proves useful later when expert reflexes are needed to defeat a corrupted gem that shows up… if the others can get garnet away from the game for five seconds.
  • while the main four are off fighting a gem somewhere, a monster shows up in beach city. connie, peridot, lapis and bismuth find themselves dealing with it as a back-up team of sorts. that’s why the people of this world believe in peridot, lapis lazuli, and bismuth… and connie! by the end of it connie has three alien big sisters, who are all vying for the title of the cool sister.
  • peridot decides that she wants new limb enhancers. bismuth and amethyst offer to help - bismuth putting it together, and amethyst getting the parts. the episode is told from the perspective of the other cast members who are trying to work out what the hell these three are doing with ten tablet pens, three toasters, multiple desk fans, a stack of laser tag equipment, connie’s collection of cyberpunk comics, and four potato batteries.

Yes, I did spend days making 45 seconds of video for my comic, why do you ask


It will take some time for me to start dishing out the pages, for I have to still do the script and whatnot, but for the time being, this cover should suffice (and you can have an extra blank version for whatever reason you want).


Also unless you know me REALLY well, don’t call me Evonnie lmao


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