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Shibuyascapes by Koukichi Takahashi
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The vampire novel that's in my head

It has a few ideas in it, and they’re circulating around my head, so here’s me putting them down:

  • This is about bi/genderqueer/trans*/disabled/marginalized/poc who are vampires.
  • Moving bisexuality (a rule of the genre) from the unspoken level to an explicit theme.
  • Making it not all about beautiful, white, abled rich-as-fuck Anne Rice-ish vampires.
  • The beautiful, white, abled rich-as-fuck vampires are sort of like the GGGG’s of the LGBT community. And our community of characters is the ‘underground’.
  • Vampirism symbolizing queerness and bisexuality, with characters who are actually explicitly queer, bi and trans* (looking at Charlaine Harris here).
  • Utilizing the symbolism of vampires as evil, sexual predators, dangers to humanity, etc., in order to explore the threat of bisexuality, queerness and trans*ness over heterofascism.
  • Which basically means that my community of characters is going to be an activist community.
  • But wait! They have all these super awesome powers that come with being bisexual– uh, I mean a vampire– so they use these powers in order to attack those 'on top’ and break down whitecisheteropatriarchy.
  • These powers would work in interesting ways along with disabilities. (Much to think about).
  • Rather than being a metaphor for danger, evil and death, blood sucking is going to be a metaphor for giving life and care.
  • So, no one has to kill anyone for blood, but rather take small doses.
  • The person giving the blood is also receiving pleasure.
  • Or - if it’s used against the people 'on top’ who are 'attacked’, maybe it blurs up their cishet-ness? But can anyway be used to kill them? Or maybe they don’t have to die, just become 'converted"? Or minion? Not certain here, but interesting to think about.
  • Vampirism is a gift of life and awesome that bi, queer, and trans* people give to each other for care and support.
  • It’s a metaphor for how the world makes us suffer oppression (bleed), but it also makes us survivors, and we can use that to give care and love and solidarity to each other (giving blood=giving life).
  • The setting is urban fantasy/alternate reality/near future with a cyberpunk atmosphere (think Poppy Z Brite, but with more glitter).

What do you think? Any good?