People from Tumblr who I wish (for the purposes of this post) were Mario Casas if I’m Patricia Conde, in the above gifs/My favorite blogs of 2011 post

Some of you are actually my best friends in real-life, so this doesn’t exactly count but you get a shout-out anyway.  Some of you turned out to be the best Tumblr partner-in-crime ever.  Some of you I would definitely holla at if you lived closer.  Some of you I pretty much just met, but you’re still awesome.  Some of you I actually talked to “in passing” long ago on other sites and happen to reblog the best crap ever.  Some of you give the best advice when we’re talking about non-footy related things.  Some of you don’t post nearly enough, but when you do it’s absolutely golden.  And if my 16 year old self knew that one day the actual Flynnbear would be following her on Tumblr AND Twitter, she would shit her pants.  But all in all, thank you for putting up with my internet crap.