So first I wanna thank everyone that entered this. It means a lot. Your blogs are all so awesome. There can only be one winner for each category though. You really didn’t make it easy for me to pick the winners! I took ages. But here are the results 

I just wanna mention again that it was really hard to pick the winners because all of your blogs were so gorgeous and flawless. Thank you all for entering. But congrats to the ones that won!! :DD. These blogs are all so cool, and you really should check them out if you haven’t already! Here’s a reminder of what you won! :D

First off, sorry for the crap graphic- i made it myself. Also, I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. I follow 350 completely amazing blogs. Mutuals are bolded. I love every single one of you and am so incredibly glad that you are on my dash! I hope you are having a truly wonderful day because you all deserve it!

real life friends:

Jeanette       Helen       Alexa


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welcome to lauren's autumn blog of the season results

this was soooo difficult, i didn’t anticipate my very first blog of (well, anything) the season to take off as much as it did, and it was insanely hard to pick from the amazing 100+ blogs that entered, but remember that you’re all wonderful and winners in my heart :) now, without further ado, drum roll please…

lauren's autumn bots winner

owsald // gabbi’s blog is actual perfection and she’s a total sweetheart; honestly, if you’re not following her, i have no idea what to tell you because you are surely missing out. everything is perfect from her theme to her posts to her x

lauren's autumn bots runner ups

*in no particular order (and i know i said two but i couldn’t pick alright)

cybermqn // i recently found miranda’s blog and i have no words; everything is so impeccable and i love it to pieces, like seriously everything is insanely beautiful x

impossiblekaren // mila runs an amazing blog surrounded by a beautiful theme, she’s absolutely wonderful to have on my dash and i always look forward to her presence there x

clararific // jenna’s blog is stunning and she’s one of the friendliest people i’ve met on here, her posts are beautiful and she’s got the personality to match x

goldpond // rachel’s blog is also one that i’ve recently found but fell so in love with - her posts are gorgeous and she’s a lovely person to talk to x

yay! congrats to all the winners and runner ups, and even if you didn’t make it, friendly reminder that you are so important and somebody adores your blog - i promise :)

here’s the original post so you can see your prizes :) congrats again! x

cybermqn asked:

i'm spending the entire day in nyc tomorrow and i'm super excited!! ^-^

nice! so I guess you’ll be doing a lot of shopping? have fun! ^^

URL: don’t get it \ okay \ nice \ awesome \ perfect \ I want it so bad

Icon: okay \ nice \ awesome \ perfect \ blinded by its beauty

Theme: okay \ nice \ awesome \ perfect \ can I steal it?

Posts: not my type \ okay \ nice \ awesome \ perfect \ reblogging everything!

Overall: okay \ nice \ awesome \ perfect \ your blog gave me a heart attack

Following: no but I still love you \ now I am! \ of course \ forever and always

Compliment: You are so gorgeous and your blog is perfect! I really love your themes and posts <33

Join the fun!

 My Runners Up for My May Blog of the Month: belgrravia cybermqn &

Carrie’s blog is simply beautiful, I love her posts and her theme and I love how simple and gorgeous her blog is.

Miranda’s blog is incredibly gorgeous and I loved it as soon as I clicked through, she has amazing posts and I honestly could not help but reblog a tonne of them as I went through. 

Emmeline’s blog has amazing posts and an amazing theme and everything about it is absolutely amazing, need I say more?

Your prizes can be found here.


cybermqn asked:

i really like my french class this year c:

URL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl
Theme: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl
Posts: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl
Icon: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl
Overall: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl     -I could have sworn I was following you already but tumblr told me otherwise so refollow :)

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cybermqn asked:

URL:  10/10

ICON: 9/10

THEME: 8.5/10 the updates bar fucks up if you click one triangle and then try to click on the next one without closing what you have already opened (i’m crap at explaining things oh god) and i also feel like it doesn’t really match the rest of the theme

POSTS: 9/10

OVERALL: 9/10 

FOLLOWING: nope sorry <3 | now | yes <3

want this?

cybermqn asked:

6, 73, 78 c:

6. What are you excited for?

Nothing really… I don’t have a very exciting life. haha

73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

I think I cried when I found out I recieved the job at Subway. A month or two later I quit…

78. Who would you like to see in concert?

Probably ACDC, KISS, or the Arctic Monkeys. :)