Review: Doctor Who (Series 33/7, Episode 12 - Nightmare in Silver)

So Neil Gaimen was tasked to make the Cybermen scary again.. and I’d agree that their upgrades made them more threatening than they have been for a while. This is one of the better episodes of a series that got off to a shaky start.. I need to stop being so negative about every episode (this is why it’s taken me so long to write this!) but there was still something that didn’t quite work for me, even with a wonderful Warwick Davis.

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The signs as Doctor who species (forgot halfway through)

Gemni: Sontaran

Cancer: Time Lord

Libra: Dalek

Pisces: Siren

Virgo: Adipose

Taurus: Cyberman

Aires: Cybermite

Scorpio: Whatever that thing from the earth was

Sagittarius: Weeping Angel

Aqauaris: Human Tardis

Leo: The devil from the earth