cyberman out

Doctor Who Adventures issue 361 is out now – and it’s packed full of Cyberman secrets!

To find out why Cybermen are one of the ultimate monsters, DWA decided to ask them why. With upgraded posters and puzzles, it’s essential reading for fans who are considering upgrading to Cyber kind…

Also included…

• Dalek pencil and writing set.
• Alien Babies are attacked by Dream Crabs.
• There’s an comic strip written by Richard Cookson.
• Guide to the 2014 episodes of Doctor Who.
• Turn yourself into a Cyberman with the Cyber mask.
• Cut out and keep monster fact figures.
• Win an Xbox and Doctor Who Minecraft goodies.

DWA #361 is available from 28 January - 24 February, priced £3.99.

stuffhugosays  asked:

There's a lovely moment in Dark Water where the Doctor is muttering about missing the obvious, he walks to an elevator, and doors shut. The doors look like the eyes of a cyberman. And to top it off, the cyberman theme blasts out, making the cyberman obvious. I loved that moment. Was it written in the script? Was it something you came up with during production? Or was that musical cue something Murray Gold added in later? Thanks!

Yes, it was in the script. Steven carefully plotted the hints to 3W so they were reminiscent of cyber eyes, but not obvious – and we chose careful plant moments. Not seeing both Lift Doors up until that time was a challenge. The glass to the elevator was actually see-through, ruining the effect, so we had to darken it, and the musical sting was important to drive home the idea. A lot of work went into mapping this throughout so it was hinted but not given away, then the reveal had maximum impact, we hoped.