Arrival at night!
Staying at the off-campus accommodation for the next few months.
The rooms are OK-good, also with air-conditioner for just 340RM per month (around 80€). Outside we have a pool and a sports field to play Basketball and Badminton.
That’s it so far, I’m pretty tired and hungry right now D: (due to the ramadan-holidays, all stores are closed at this time).


Energizer Night Race Chao with the Police

History doesnt count
Present that counts

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Scene of the goodies bag being thrown

Organizer gets all the blame
And the race gets the boycott.

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My Earth Hour with friends… NERF WAR!!!!

We’re hiring... Accounts Assistant

AMK Technology Sdn. Bhd. is currently looking for “Accounts Assistant” to provide overall support to Finance Department. ۤ

Job Location - Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Employment Term - Permanent 

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • This vacant position is specifically to monitor and improve company’s accounting matters related to our reputed client
  • Posting monthly invoice in client’s online portal (inclusive of checking Purchase Order, and uploading AMK Group’s invoice)
  • Off-setting payment received, and maintaining client-specific ‘Statement of Account’
  • Responsible in managing and addressing all problematic PO/invoices or any related financial document of the client company
  • Responsible in ensuring prompt monetary recovery from the client
  • Responsible in maintaining all client’s timesheets and invoices softcopy
  • Responsible in managing monthly claims of all employees across organization
  • Backup in creating Payment Vouchers

Required Qualifications:-

  • Must have minimum 2 years of experience in Accounting / Audit field
  • Must at least possess a ‘Diploma in Accounting’
  • Should be adept in using all latest Accounting Softwares
  • Experience in using SQL or SAP Accounting system could be beneficial
  • Should have good verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Able to work independently, by maintaining good behavior and punctual attendance record
  • Nationality preference: Malaysian