063: The Cyberix saga (finale)

Let me be honest: you will not understand this one. This takes place during the Cyberix event, and there are tons of in-jokes regarding the Malditos Nerds (Damn Nerds, the magazine I used to write for, and the website this comic was posted at the time), so it’s okay if all of them flew over your head.

By the way, Mama!Bayonetta got the “Miss Sympathy” award. She really tried hard.

GRETHA: What do you think of my Amazon Queen costume for Cyberix?

NOLAN: Amazon Queen? I don’t know… Shouldn’t it be a bit more… “revealing”?

GRETHA: NO! Because I’m an Amazon Queen with enough common sense as for NOT wanting to be pierced by an arrow!

Gretha shows Nolan her potential costume for Cyberix (an incoming videogame event here in Argentina) and also trashes one of the most common Tropes of videogame women.

Dangit, I REALLY need to translate the comics! So little time… so little time…