cybergoth style


Cyber alien.
Cyber goth kid.
Nebula boy.
Merfolk Alien Monster shoot with GWaas photographer from Portland/Vancouver

Turn On The Light

On What’s Come Before

Shine The Light On The Killing Floor

Excessive Opulence

To Signal Our Descent

Bleeding Out And Begging For More

 Can Anybody See What I Am Inside?

Does Anybody Know What We Really Are?

Tie A Ribbon Round My Heart With Your Left Hand

Together We’ll Give Birth To The End

Over An Unmarked Grave

I Repeat The Promise That I Made

I’ve Tried As Hard As I Can

All I Wanted Was To Understand You

Turn Off The Light

This Show Starts Itself

Kill The Lights As The Candles Melt

Sacred Geometry

The Truth Of Everything We See

Ashamed Of Feelings That We Never Felt