excess-of-cats  asked:

I have a cyborg character with artificial internal organs (lung, heart, etc.). She's a swordfighting adventurer so she tends to need a lot of repair. What's the best way for her cyberdoctor to repeatedly access the inside of her ribcage?

Ohhhh duuuuude so much Rule of Reality.

What’s the Rule of Reality, you ask? Stethy knows! Stethy?

[Image: an adorable anthropomorphic stethoscope. Text: Aunt Scripty’s Rule of Reality: You Break It, You Bought It]

Thanks, Stethy!

But what does this mean?

It means that this blog is based on human beings and 21st-century medicine. Once you’ve crossed either of those boundaries I’m no longer useful to you, because my knowledge falls away as you exit either of those parameters.

Essentially, once you’ve chosen to break the “human” category, I’m not so useful!

You’ve chosen to build a cyborg character, and that means you’re responsible for figuring out how that works. Do they have to do an open chest surgery every time? Does his skin unzip and his chest open with servos? Do they do everything with a wifi update?

It’s up to you. The power is yours!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Слышишь шепот?
Где-то в темноте? 
Слышишь? Точно выход кто-то
ищет в пустоте?
Может показалось просто.
Может, может - нет.
Обжигает нервы остро
полуночный бред.
Отзывать назад смятенье
Бесполезный дар.

Доктор, хочешь вновь увидеть
Свой ночной кошмар?…