IDENTITY THEFT by Daniel Nyari, Illustrator

“This poster design was inspired by the idea that our identities are heavily linked with an online presence. The thumb print acts as the metaphor of identity and each friction ridge extending outwards transforms into computer cables indicating our immediate connection to cyberspace.”

From director Michael Mann, Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth as a furloughed convict hunting a high-level cybercrime network.


The U.S. wants to slap sanctions on cybercriminals. President Obama issued an executive order Wednesday creating the nation’s first sanctions program to combat “malicious” cyberattacks and cyberspying.

President Obama said cyberthreats pose one of “the most serious economic and national security challenge” to the U.S., and that the executive order offers a “targeted tool” for countering that threat.

The sanctions would apply to individuals and groups involved in cyberattacks that harm or compromise critical infrastructure, steal trade secrets and hobble computer systems, among other things.

U.S. Creates First Sanctions Program Against Cybercriminals

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wow so scarlett johansson is going to play major kusanagi in some hollywood travesty of ghost in the shell.

which ghost in the shell exactly? nobody really knows. something based off shirow’s original manga? oshii’s two film versions? the multiple television series? 

is this movie just going to be a vehicle for johansson’s boobs? i’m thinking of GITS SAC Major’s bustier outfit, which only the bravest and most dedicated cosplayers ever attempted to do (gravity defying corset making and body hair waxing for “accuracy”,  employ a lavender hued material or white?, to do the thong or not, etc)….

and here we go with some shitty vehicle for american white supremacist state surveillance propaganda just as real world cybercrime is normalizing itself in united states newsrooms…


if anyone ever wants to do a meditation with me on probably everything the hollywood version will aggressively erase from the series canon, hmu and we can chill and watch that shit.


Felony Charges For Eighth Grade Computer Hacker

A case that has recently made headlines involves a 14-year-old at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, Florida who has been arrested for hacking into a teacher’s computer. While this would hardly be considered a crime on the level of sophisticated international hacking, the case is causing quite a stir.
Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Seventeen fake cellphone towers were discovered across the U.S. last week, 

according to a report in Popular Science.

Rather than offering you cellphone service, the towers appear to be connecting to nearby phones, bypassing their encryption, and either tapping calls or reading texts. 

Les Goldsmith, the CEO of ESD America, used ESD’s CryptoPhone 500 to detect 17 bogus cellphone towers. ESD is a leading American defense and law enforcement technology provider based in Las Vegas. 

With most phones, these fake communication towers are undetectable. But not for the CryptoPhone 500,  a customized Android device that is disguised as a Samsung Galaxy S III but has highly advanced encryption.

Goldsmith told Popular Science: “ Interceptor use in the U.S. is much higher than people had anticipated. One of our customers took a road trip from Florida to North Carolina and he found eight different interceptors on that trip. We even found one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.”

The towers were found in July, but the report implied that there may have been more out there.

Although it is unclear who owns the towers, ESD found that several of them were located near U.S. military bases. 

"Whose interceptor is it? Who are they, that’s listening to calls around military bases? Is it just the U.S. military, or are they foreign governments doing it? The point is: we don’t really know whose they are," Goldsmith said to Popular Science.

It’s probably not the NSA — that agency can tap all it wants without the need for bogus towers, VentureBeat reported:

Not the NSA, cloud security firm SilverSky CTO/SVP Andrew Jaquith told us. “The NSA doesn’t need a fake tower,” he said. “They can just go to the carrier” to tap your line.

ComputerWorld points out that the fake towers give themselves away by crushing down the performance of your phone from 4G to 2G while the intercept is taking place. So if you see your phone operating on a slow download signal while you’re near a military base … maybe make that call from somewhere else.

In an amazing coincidence, police departments in a handful of U.S. cities have been operating "Stingray” or “Hailstorm” towers, which — you guessed it — conduct surveillance on mobile phone activity. They do that by jamming mobile phone signals, forcing phones to drop down from 4G and 3G network bands to the older, more insecure 2G band.

Middle Schooler Charged With Felony For Changing His Teacher's Computer's Wallpaper

Middle Schooler Charged With Felony For Changing His Teacher’s Computer’s Wallpaper

An eighth grade student from Holiday, Florida, has been charged with serious cybercrimes after he “hacked” his teacher’s school computer and changed the background image as a joke.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the young boy named Domanik Green was charged with an “offense against a computer system and unauthorized access,” a charge normally reserved for hackers and classified…

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How To Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

Today, the advanced work environment demands representatives to utilize PCs throughout their day, paying little mind to what line of work they’re in, thus they need more than basic security measures. Taking after the following strides won’t make you resistant against programmers, yet it ought to go far towards helping you secure your information from probably the most well-known cyber attacks.

How hackers stealing hundreds of personal images of women through ‘Fuskers’ software

Today, PCs assume a noteworthy part in every wrongdoing that is submitted. Each wrongdoing that is carried out is not so much a PC wrongdoing, but rather it does imply that law implementation must turn out to be substantially more PC educated just to have the capacity to stay aware of the criminal component. Hacking is one of such unlawful acts that have influenced the world on the loose.

As more individuals keep on going on the internet. Site hacking is a risk that is turning out to be more hazardous as the advanced age grabs steam & progressively wrongdoers take to the internet to smell aggravation on clueless locales & online organizations.

Recently a news came out in the business insider about a serious crime of hacking involving stealing hundreds of personal images of women through a site called Photobucket where an accumulation of photos from the Photobucket profile of a client hacked by “fuskers.”