Stop scrolling for a minute.



Your existence matters. 


You being here makes the world a better place. 


You deserve good things.


You’ll be okay.


I love you very much.




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They don’t know you. They don’t understand you. You know yourself better than ANYONE else. Being gay isn’t wrong, being transgender isn’t wrong. It’s your business. Things will get better. Know your identity is valid no matter what people say. From my own experience, I used to think bullies and their opinions mattered. But I realized they don’t know anything I’m feeling. They aren’t me. They’re in their body and I’m in mine. They’re wasting their own time as well as mine. Identify as whatever makes you feel good about yourself. 🏳️‍🌈


Okay so I have a friend who was getting cyber-bullied was in a situation in which she could not block them and I didn’t know what to tell her. THEN I CAME UP WITH THE MOST AMAZING IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD, PLEASE EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. So I told her to copy and paste the bee movie script into her messages and just respond with the script if they ever said anything mean. Next time they said something rude, she responded with the bee movie script. The guy said something along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ and then read through some of it saying ‘did you seriously fucking send me the bee movie script?’. Then, guess what she did. She sent the script again. The guy stopped talking. SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND. Every time someone sends you hate or is mean, respond with the bee movie script.


The Amanda Todd Suicide Video

In September 2012 a fifteen-year-old Canadian girl named Amanda Todd uploaded a video of herself to her YouTube channel. Titled ‘My Story: struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm’, the video shows Todd with a series of flashcards, explaining her experiences with bullying and attempting to kill herself.

What makes this video so remarkable is the fact, just a month after it was uploaded, Amanda Todd actually did kill herself. The YouTube video she posted went viral, and her death was widely reported around the world.

Todd states (via writing) in her video that she began video chatting friends at the age of thirteen, and was pressured to expose her breasts several times to the camera. A stranger took screenshots of Todd posing topless and threatened to distribute them unless she supplied more pictures. Todd is said to have supplied the pictures, but the predator leaked the topless photo of her anyway. Todd became the target of cruel online bullies, and began abusing drugs and alcohol. The taunting got so bad that Amanda was forced to change schools.

About a year later Amanda was again forced to change schools after the same online predator began uploading screenshots of her on Facebook and sending them to her schoolmates. During the same time period Todd admits to having sex with an older teenage boy whose girlfriend was on holiday - the girlfriend plus over a dozen students later accosted Todd as she walked alone and beat her up.

Soon after this incident Todd attempted suicide by drinking bleach. Her stomach was pumped before any lasting damage could be done, but Todd says in her video that she arrived home from hospital to discover several messages and posts from teenagers telling her to kill herself. Her family moved to a new city in March 2012 to try an escape the awful treatment, but Todd had begun engaging in self-harm and abusing her antidepressants. She continued to attend school and counselling, right up until the day she died.

On October 10, 2012, Amanda Todd was declared dead in her parents home. No exact cause of death has been released, though the British Columbia Coroners Office has come out and said her death was an 'undeniable suicide’. She died just a few weeks short of her sixteenth birthday.

After her video went viral the RCMP launched an investigation into the man who exploited Todd into exchanging nude images. In 2017, a man of dual Dutch and Turkish descent went to trial charged with over 70 crimes involving child pornography and extortion; Amanda Todd was acknowledged to have been one of 34 underage girls he had victimised.

This blog is hate free.

No hate towards cis people.
No hate towards trans people.
No hate towards straight people.
No hate towards gay people.
No hate towards bisexual people.
No hate towards asexual people.
No hate towards white people.
No hate towards people of color.
No hate towards people of any religion.
No hate towards people with no religion.
No hate towards men.
No hate towards women.
No hate towards nonbinary people.
No hate towards people who are autistic.
No hate towards people who are neurotypical.
No hate towards people who like cats.
No hate towards people who like dogs.


Don’t me wrong. I am a super nice person. But if you come at me mean, I’m gonna give what you gave me right back at you. I’m not letting people bully me anymore. It’s time I start sticking up for myself.

Veiled behind shades
the ones without a name,
you choose bitter words
as the base
for an identity
that is vague.

a wicked smile,
carrying poison
for the mind,
you knock on doors.

As to you
the plight of others
is nothing but a joke,
for maybe you,
the ones behind a mask
have been through
something even worse.

And oh,
how you appear evil
possesing a soul
as dark as night
and a heart
as black as coal.

But that sure
isn’t true,
for what you are is
just a little broken,
just a little depressed,
just a little lonely,
and just a little stressed
with no one to talk to
or to confess.

And trust us when we say
we know you aren’t evil,
we know you aren’t bad,
but it’s a pity you choose
not to seek help but
instead to remain sad.

And maybe you expect us
to get bitter, to get cold,
but we know better
than to get
our hands dirty
as it ain’t our hearts
getting stained
with guilt and hatred
in the process
but certainly yours.

—  Know better than to hate, Shikha Singh


It’s so sad that there are people out there who cannot see that Josh McDermitt is a real person who plays a role. He deleted his Facebook, Twitter & his IG accounts due to assholes trolls sending him threats. Like wtf man? Josh plays a role. Damn it, Josh is NOT Eugene Porter…