she’s tweeted something nasty about me? That’s because she doesn’t know me. I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will. I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family – I don’t seek out any other acceptance.

Kelly Clarkson’s response upon learning a mean UK nobody has been fat-shaming her online.

Also. Kelly Clarkson is awesome in ways that haven’t even been invented yet.


THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT begins when Emily Parris exposes a secret society of teenage girls who have slipped out of the world of social media and into another world they’ve discovered in the woods at night. Accusing them of committing sexually deviant activities, Emily’s allegations throw the small American town of Kingston, New York, into an atmosphere of hysteria and the national media spotlight. The mystery deepens when each of the accused upholds a vow of silence. Emily Parris also has secrets, the ones she doesn’t choose to reveal on her blog, which has suddenly rocketed to national acclaim, dubbing her a “Teenage Healer in the Digital Age.”

The Sisterhood of Night chronicles a group of girls’ provocative alternative to the loneliness of adolescence, along the way revealing the tragedy and humour of teenage years changed forever by the Internet age. [x]

The Sisterhood of Night is the debut feature film of the American director Caryn Waechter, and the Taiwanese-American screenwriter Marilyn Fu. In 2012 they launched a Kickstarter campaign, after 36 days they became the second highest funded narrative project. In addition to this, they team also launched a contest to get teens (mostly girls) involved with the process. Teens could submit original work in four categories: photography, performance, fashion, and music. The winner in each category would then have their work featured in the movie. The idea was to get teens to be a part of all kinds of arts, and to get real teens involved with the movie. In 2007, Marilyn Fu won the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award at the Tribeca Film Festival for this screenplay.

The movie started shooting late 2012, and British actress Georgie Henley, American actress Kara Hayward, Australian actress Olivia DeJonge, Chinese-born American actress Willa Cuthrell, and American actor Kal Penn were cast as the main characters. The cast is almost entirely female, as well as a female director and screenwriter. Waechter and Fu are both open feminists and said to have worked hard to get each female character to be unique and stong, and well rounded. Director Caryn Waechter won Best Female Director at the Woodstock Film Festival where the movie had it’s world premiere.

Sisterhood is a modern version of the Salem witch trials, a witch hunt in today’s Internet culture that plays on gossip. It explores the dark side of social media, how people twist stories around and ruin lives as one of the Sisterhood girls becomes a target of cyberbullying. Though the heart of the story is about how teens connect with each other through art, friendship, and the power of secrets.

This movie premieres in cinemas and on VOD on April 10th and I ask you to please watch it. Support women in media, watch it to learn that what you say on the internet can actually lead to horrible consequences.


Another STEM girl is 8th grader Trisha Prabhu from Naperville, Illinois.  She is a finalist in this year’s Google Science Fair for her new mobile app, entitled “Rethink.”  The Rethink app allows users to give a second thought to potentially harmful social media posts.  It works as an add-on that automatically sends a notice to the author to rethink his or her post, giving the user the chance to change or delete postings that could be considered cyberbullying.  Trisha’s inspiration stemmed from her own research, which indicated that teens “may not understand the potential consequences of their actions because the prefrontal cortex isn’t developed until age 25.”  In trials of her app, Trisha found that 93 percent of users with the app retracted their posts, proving that a second chance to rethink their words was enough to stop cyberbullying actions altogether.

What incredible things will you be doing in 2015?

God gained an angel in Heaven. My friend was going through some stuff and now she is not with us anymore. I knew this friend of mine since elementary. We were in high school together and we were in the same band. She was being cyber bullied by an anonymous source who sent her these god awful remarks. Please stop cyber bullying, and please pray for my friend who’s name I will keep hidden….but you all know her as sluttyramen.

As Taylor Swift shows, it’s not about coming out on top. It’s about not letting anyone bully you into being silent. For as long as time and the Internet have existed, there’s been a reason to dismiss and invalidate women, who have every reason to quit that culture and log off. (A policy of disengagement has certainly worked for Tina Fey.) But there’s a power in fighting back, whether it’s releasing a music video to call bullshit on sexism or being open about your experiences with cyberbullying and your path to self-acceptance. If you have to be gaslighted every day of your life, it’s better not to go quietly. Just ask Zelda Fitzgerald.

Bitte schaut es euch an. Ich musste weinen und finde es einfach nur schrecklich. Vielleicht sehen andere wie schlimm es sein kann wenn man gemobbt wird egal ob wegen der Herkunft, Geschlechts oder sonst was. Wenn viele dann keinen anderen Ausweg sehen und sich nicht mehr zu helfen wissen, alleine sind, hilflos.