Black freshmen at University of Pennsylvania cyberattacked with racist messages

Black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania were involuntarily added to several GroupMe messages brimming with pro-Donald Trump propaganda, racist vitriol and graphic images.

In one group chat labeled “Mud Men,” a member sent photos of lynched black men accompanied with the text, “I love America.” It only gets worse from there.


Melania Trump seems completely oblivious to the irony of her announcement that as FLOTUS her mission would be to curb cyberbullying

“We have to find a better way to talk to each other, disagree with each other, to respect each other,” she said. “We must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media,” Melania said in a speech. Maybe she’d like to see some of Donald’s best work.



Stop scrolling for a minute.



Your existence matters. 


You being here makes the world a better place. 


You deserve good things.


You’ll be okay.


I love you very much.




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So I’ve been getting some pretty rough messages. And much to the dismay of many people on here, I am not as stupid as I clearly appear. I don’t know how someone could morally allow themselves to assume someone’s intelligence based on photographs, but there are some fucked up people out there. And I guarantee I have already surpassed their studies in just my first stage of higher education. I am at a four year private nationally ranked university, I am a double science major, I am doing research on Early Bronze Age dentition from Turkey and Syria, and working towards applying for a PhD program. Also, I’m a Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, because why not. {pictured}

Are there people smarter than me? Oh god yes. Does that make me stupid? No. I am exactly where I need to be right now and god I’ve worked hard for it. So think before you type. Not just for me, but for anyone.


Okay so I have a friend who was getting cyber-bullied was in a situation in which she could not block them and I didn’t know what to tell her. THEN I CAME UP WITH THE MOST AMAZING IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD, PLEASE EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. So I told her to copy and paste the bee movie script into her messages and just respond with the script if they ever said anything mean. Next time they said something rude, she responded with the bee movie script. The guy said something along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ and then read through some of it saying ‘did you seriously fucking send me the bee movie script?’. Then, guess what she did. She sent the script again. The guy stopped talking. SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND. Every time someone sends you hate or is mean, respond with the bee movie script.


I really want to take a bat and beat the shit out of this stupid white boy on Twitter. He was bitching about a black girl saying she doesn’t like him because she doesn’t like white boys. He calls her racist, so I stand up for her and now he took my picture and is now trying to talk shit about my braids and my skin. I reported him. Then some white bitch said “she must get curved by white guys.” Bye. I don’t like dog smelling shrimp dick. He’s just mad because she didn’t want his disrespectful, white ass!

Message to the tumblr drug community

I care about all of you drug users (and recovering drug addicts): addicted or occasional users, doing heroin or meth or coke or benzos or painkillers or whatever substance that can be abused to get high, black, brown, white, asian, lgbt and non-lgbt, young or old…I don’t really mind your personal and social status, you’re all humans to me who deserve support and respect, and I care about every single one of you, no categories excluded. I see drug using women in particular and people of color are being bullied by a hateful asshole here and it makes me sick. We should all report him to tumblr and end this abuse.
A big hug to my followers who are into drugs. Stay strong and safe y'all and remember my inbox is always open!

Prayers for Tara Strong

Can you believe that voice actress Tara Strong is getting cyber bullied and receiving death threats simply because she’s Jewish? This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! No thanks to Trump, hate crimes and messages are everywhere and it’s affecting everyone. Not even voice actors are safe! I can’t imagine the hurt she must be feeling right now! I wish I could let her know that she’s beautiful the way she is and to never listen to people who do nothing but hate! I love her no matter what her religion or faith she believes in. Please send prayers to Tara and her family. I just want the hate to stop!
I know this sounds way too cliched but…


Jenny Slate Opens Up About Chris Evans Split: ‘Chris Is a Different Speed than Me’
The duo met on the set of Gifted, an upcoming film in which Slate plays a teacher who falls for Evans’ character

I don’t normally post the relationship stuff since Chris keeps his private life private.

BUT~ I’m posting the link to Jenny’s comments on their relationship because even though I didn’t seek them out, I still saw how NASTY people were to her and to Chris during the course of their relationship.

I’m not naive and I am aware that affairs DO happen-however-even when that does happen-it doesn’t make the parties involved bad people. Relationships are not black and white-there is a lot of grey. We weren’t in Jenny’s marriage; we weren’t in Jenny and Chris’ relationship and none of us will ever really know what happened.

I personally like to believe the best people, especially those I admire including Chris and those he surrounds himself with. And while I wouldn’t think Chris was a horrible person IF their romantic relationship had started while Jenny was still married, I choose to believe her-and that it didn’t happen until after her marriage had ended.

I saw the comments she made about her “jr high boyfriend” and how so many on this site took what she said out of context~ she was referring to them both being from Boston.

However, after reading this interview with Jenny, I can’t help but feel bad for her. I think she wasn’t ready for being in a relationship so soon after her marriage ended (so many people do this after a relationship ends-they don’t realize they need time to heal). It also seems like she might have some self esteem issues (just my speculation) and this is just my guessing but I wonder if part of what was difficult about dating Chris about the “fame” part was how nasty people were about it. I would think you’d need a really think skin in order to deal with some of the nasty things people said about her-including her looks. I’m not sure I could handle that and I mostly feel pretty secure about my looks but damn, people on the internet are vile.

And to anyone who might read this who participated in public comments about Jenny and her looks or any other kind of attack on her character-just remember you didn’t win. 

They broke up but you will never date Chris Evans. 

So think about that before you decide to be nasty to a public figure or anyone on the internet-it says nothing about that person but it says a WHOLE lot about you and your character.

Anons off

This kind of situation had been happening for a while, but now it’s time.

Anon ask was a good thing, from my point of view it was for shy/introvert people interact with the blogs they want without having to deal with social anxiety and such.

Sadly, as everything else, people used the tool made for good to do bad.

Cyberbullying isn’t ok by any means. I don’t care if you’re president of USA or the pope, it’s not ok.

I come across Starco-life situation, but I know many others are getting that too. Since this is getting out of hand, I had to turn the anon off. 

I’m sorry for the people who are too shy. If you don’t want to be public send me an ask with the abrev. AIP (=Answer In Private) or message me.

For now, the asks have to be identified so we find those hateful blogs and flag them. It’s necessary, sadly.

I also suggest all other blogs to do the same. If bullies still try, they have to show off their faces and get flagged.

Also, guys stay aware of hackers, they got into a few blogs apparently.


Então, não sei bem como começar esse texto, mas ultimamente eu tenho recebido muitas mensagens ameaçadoras, mensagens de pessoas horríveis vindo me julgar ao invés de pegar e conversar comigo com calma, me ajudar, incentivar, mas bom, eu dou graças a Deus por não ser mais a Vitória de antigamente, eu me machucava por qualquer coisa, eu era uma pessoa muito fraca e ingenua demais..

Eu sinceramente tento entender até hoje o que passa pela cabeça das pessoas que praticam bullying com as outras, sabe.. isso não é legal, você faz a pessoa entrar em depressão, faz a pessoa querer morrer, você faz a pessoa ter auto estima baixa, vergonha de si mesma!! Algumas pessoas devem me olhar e pensar que sou metida, isso e aquilo, mas não é bem assim, a pessoa que me transformei hoje, foi graças a tudo que eu já passei e hoje eu posso dizer que sou uma pessoa forte, vou contar um pouquinho de uma das coisas de aconteceu comigo que me afetou muito..

No começo de 2014, eu não lembro porque estava triste mas me lembro de ter tirado uma foto do meu pulso cortado e ter postado no snap, realmente eu não deveria ter postado essa foto no snap, mas eu gostava quando as pessoas viam e iam falar comigo, gostava quando se importavam comigo, eu fui ingenua em ter postado isso, até aí tudo bem… passou alguns minutos, comecei a receber mensagens privadas no snap, com fotos de pulsos “cortados” desenhado de vermelho representando os cortes com mensagens na foto do tipo “só queria compartilhar contigo a minha dor” enfim, foram muitas mensagens horriveis que fui recebendo, daí nisso eu corri em um grupo onde estava minha amiga e desabafei pra ela no grupo com todo mundo vendo, deveria ter ido falar com ela no privado, mas fui burra e ingenua de novo, nisso que falei no grupo minha situação, um garoto começou a me criticar, me julgar, falando que eu deveria morrer, aí logo em seguida me colocaram em um grupo no whatsapp, onde havia umas 10 garotas e só eu pra me defender, essas garotas eram as mesmas do snap que estavam me atacando, eu saía do grupo e ai me colocavam de novo, falaram coisas horriveis do tipo “se não gostou já pode se matar”, eu deixei todas elas falando sozinhas no grupo e corri pro banheiro chorando, pra me cortar, cortei tão fundo e com um ódio de mim que eu quase peguei uma veia, eu realmente quase morri naquele dia e seria por culpa de todas essas garotas, mas eu sofria bullying por pegar meninos demais, o que era errado, mas as pessoas não sabiam chegar conversando pra me ajudar e ja chegavam me atacando, eu tenho os prints e algumas fotos até hoje da conversa do grupo, é uma pena eu nao ter da conversa toda do grupo, mas enfim, o que eu queria dizer é, isso não vai sair nunca mais da minha cabeça, essas coisas me perseguem todo santo dia e o que eu to querendo mostrar é que, a pessoa que pratica o bullying, faz a brincadeira idiota dela ali e fica tranquila com o passar dos anos, agora, a pessoa que sofreu o bullying, nunca mais esquece….
Tem bastante histórias, mas essa é uma das que me afetou muito e hoje em dia ainda vem pessoas falar que eu tenho doença por ser magra, ou que eu não tenho peitos, ou que meus dentes são horriveis, ou que eu sou toda falsa, uso lentes, ou que eu sou horrível sem maquiagem e todas essas coisas, eu queria muito que as pessoas parassem um pouco pra refletir antes de ir julgar a pessoa sem necessidade, graças a Deus hoje eu me aceito do jeito que eu sou, faço as coisas que gosto sem medo do que vão dizer, hoje eu posso dizer que sou uma pessoa feliz e realizada, tantas pessoas me acompanhando, me amando, me mandando mensagens fofas todos os dias, isso é surreal, eu amo cada um de vocês e queria falar que isso é só o começo, vocês vão me aturar muito ainda, mas o que eu queria trazer pra vocês é o seguinte.. Não importa o quão digam que você é feia, pois você é linda(o), tenta não se importarem com o que falam de vocês, sejam fortes, quando forem te zoar ou julgar, apenas seja educado com essa pessoa ou entra na zoeira também, fala que você se ama.

Ame você do jeito que Deus te fez, do jeito que você é, se voce gosta de alguma roupa que ja saiu de moda, ou alguma musica, ou um cantor ou uma banda, não fique com vergonha de mostrar pro mundo a pessoa que voce realmente é, desafio você a se olhar no espelho todos os dias e dizer que se ama, coloca uma musica e dança em frente ao espelho e fica olhando pra voce ver como voce é lnda(o), se ame, se inspire em outras pessoas também, nós somos lindos e a sociedade não tem que querer nada de nós, mandando a gente seguir um padrão de beleza ou algo assim, quem for gostar da gente, vai gostar do jeito que a gente é e fim de papo.

Eu sou muito grata por tudo que tenho hoje e to aqui por vocês, enfim, não deixe nada te abalar, se ame.