Fat Shaming: Who Does It Benefit?

By Kristina Combs

Makeup: a way to self-express yourself and feel comfortable enhancing the skin that you are in—not for cosmetics company, Benefit.  

The company’s UK branch tweeted fat-shaming tweets on July 6th, claiming that they were just having some fun.  Sorry, but when did discrimination of someone’s body type become “fun"? I’m pretty sure that’s also known as bullying.

It took the company approximately two hours to release an apology tweet after many angry customers expressed how wrong it was of the company to do so.

Many customers threatened to boycott the brand (rightfully so!) and asked if Benefit would make some other jokes on current events, such as what is happening in Greece or if racism was trending would they jump on that and create offensive hashtags, the company had no comment.

Many customers, as well as UK beauty bloggers, have come up with the hashtag: #boycottbenefit.

The company’s “big mistake” has now cost them some of their sponsored bloggers,  resulting in a decrease in new product promotion, as well as global customer.

Body shaming is disgusting, as everyone is beautiful regardless of what a scale says. It’s sad that a cosmetic company felt the need to publically humiliate their fan base in order to fit in with “the trends”. Try embracing your customers, at every shape and size. That never goes out of style.

About this blogger: Kristina Combs is a native New Yorker who has a passion for helping others.  She received my B.A from Hunter College in May 2015 and will be attending Adelphi University School of Social Work in the fall. She started volunteering with NEDA’s Helpline in hopes to help support and empower individuals and their families who are affected by eating disorders and to let them know that they don’t have to go through this alone.  When she’s not volunteering or focusing on my studies, she enjoys spending time with my friends and family and blogging.

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Strength In Numbers: A Personal Story in Overcoming Cyberbullying
ReThink - Effectively stop Cyberbullying

In the fall of 2013, Trisha Prabhu a 14 year old girl from Naperville, IL, read a story about the suicide of an 11 year old girl from Florida who had been repeatedly cyber-bullied by her classmates. She was shocked, heartbroken, and outraged. How could a girl younger than herself be pushed to take her own life? She knew, something had to change.

The result was ReThink! ReThink is a result of Trisha’s groundbreaking research aimed at training adolescents’ brains to make better decisions on social media.

Current solutions that social media have implemented are ineffective, following a STOP, BLOCK, TELL mechanism. Victims are asked to stop what they are doing, block the cyberbully, and tell a parent or guardian. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t stop the damage before it’s done, places the burden on the victim to stop the cyberbullying, and research has found that 9 out of 10 victims don’t tell anyone that they are being targeted. They suffer in silence.

Trisha Prabhu wrote a program that stops bullies from bullying, rather than placing the burden on their victims, and apparently she can drop adolescent cyberbullying from 71% to 4% when it’s properly applied, without censorship or account suspension. Read more at the link above.

God gained an angel in Heaven. My friend was going through some stuff and now she is not with us anymore. I knew this friend of mine since elementary. We were in high school together and we were in the same band. She was being cyber bullied by an anonymous source who sent her these god awful remarks. Please stop cyber bullying, and please pray for my friend who’s name I will keep hidden….but you all know her as sluttyramen.

The one thing that fills me with a sinking feeling, are the endless reality shows which seem to foster extremes of negative, dishonourable, rude arrogant behaviour. The proud mantle of, “I tell it as it is, I speak my mind,” to me, seems at odds with civilised behaviour. There is a difference between honesty and truthfulness, and overtly causing hurt or offence because it draws attention. This has filtered down into a ‘default setting’ of aggressive finger wagging ‘in your face’ cultural behaviour.

Richard Armitage (x)

My thoughts exactly.

Remember the man who was bullied for dancing a few months ago? He just had the party of a lifetime.

In March 2015, after pictures intended to mock a man named Sean O'Brien went viral, a group of anti-bullying advocates decided to right that wrong.

Pictures of O'Brien made their way around sites Reddit and 4chan in an all-too-common example of anonymous cyberbullying.

What do you do for someone shamed for dancing? You throw him the world’s best dance party, obviously.

My whole life has been about presenting an image of perfection because that’s what sells in our industry. But as I become more and more of a woman and [think about] what I really put out there in the world, I don’t want to put out perfection anymore because that’s not attainable. That’s not the truth. I wanted to really empower other woman in knowing that hey, yeah, you know what? I am very thin but I’m pregnant and I feel beautiful and I feel grateful that I have a child growing inside of me and I love every little piece of me because if I don’t love myself, who’s going to love myself? And I also want other women to know that I don’t care what you look like. I love you too.
—  Jaime King on why she posted that topless baby bump photo. The pregnant actress talks more about the statement behind the image, the dangers of cyberbullying, and why our view on pregnancy needs to change here.

The Internet has the ability to bring out the worst in human behavior.. whether it be a result of a general lack of decency, jealousy or perhaps a projection of ones own inner struggles, some seem to find pleasure in the suffering of others. Such actions are often justified with excuses like “I’m simply expressing my opinion”, “freedom of speech” or “take a joke” but these phrases are merely a loop hole for bullying. It’s far too easy to be a keyboard warrior in today’s society and I cannot fathom why one would actively endeavor to make another human being feel bad about themselves. Channel your energy into doing positive things.. When you posses the ability to make others feel good about themselves, you will feel good about yourself as a result. Nobody is perfect and thank goodness because imagine how boring that would be ! We are all insecure, we are all different and we are all human. Treat others the way in which you would like to be treated..

If you are experiencing bullying of any kind, know that you are not alone.. You are one of many. Speak to someone that you trust, a friend, a teacher etc.. do not suffer in silence because you do not have to.
Be brave, be bold and be yourself 💛 #bullying #cyberbullying #stopbullying


Crybabies, Murderers, and Hashtags | #withcaptions by paulidin

“I supported #DearMe, #BlackOutDay, and #InternationalWomensDay posts but there was some backlash. Let’s talk about that backlash.”

This video focuses on why there’s a backlash for all three of these movements. He broke it down to two types of people: crybabies and murders. Worth watching.

Er… staff​… I hope you’re paying attention. Matter of fact, can I come to your office personally and talk about what you need to do to protect people from cyberbullying on this network? 

Take the #SaferCommunityPledge -
Post of dangerous YouTubers -

My Instagram Post.

What I would like to be understood is that my Instagram post was not a direct reflection of what is happening to me personally, it was actually in relation to the way that I see people interact with each other on social media as a whole. It was not an attempt to “slay” anybody or address the idea that “haters gonna hate” it was about bullying, end of story. It was my way of showing people who feel alone that they are not.. I have personally experienced bullying my entire life and unfortunately I still encounter it today as a young woman and so do countless other adults. The only thing we can really control, is how we react to things out of our control.. I choose positivity and I choose understanding. There will be exciting things to come and I look forward to working together with others against bullying. I will say it again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.. we are in this together. Be strong, be brave.

Talk to you soon. All the Love, M x

Empathy is a great way to ‘plug in’….”would I say this to; my Mum?….my child?….my best friend?….my loved one?….,” If the answer is no, then don’t write it, no matter how angry or hurt you are. Be one of the strong ones, the ‘silent pioneers’ for decent, thoughtful, kindness and consideration. Your words ricochet, they can be read and re-read, long after you have forgotten about it. Be good to each other.
—  Richard Armitage, giving great advice on online behavior. (x)