My friend had this said to her online,all i know they was in an arugment and well her mother died and she is 15. The girl claims to be 15,but the way she speaks sounds like a 9 year old.

This should never be said to anyone,my friend reported it to the website but they clearly did nothing to her.

Saying to a girl that your happy that her mother died,its wrong!

Later on the girl goes to say to her “Your mother was a slut and now are you”.

This should stop!

Do you think this ok? Are you happy that you said this to an innocent 15 year old.

You should clearly be ashamed in yourself.

I shall spread this around.

Repost if you think this should stop.

And apperntly my friend had sex at 15?

(Ps the person saying XD was about something else,because someone said “do you think thats funny?” but she put that because her and someone else was having a convo.)