On "Who Cares About Danny the Most, Sam or Valerie"

the answer is neither.

Tucker Foley, who runs into a big ass haunted worst-fear palace for Danny. Tucker Foley, who steps in front of Danny to take a slash from a sword that shows you your worst fear. Tucker Foley, who shoves a bunch of flowers down his throat for Danny. Tucker Foley, who builds a mood-altering helmet trying to help Danny’s depression in the only way he knows how. Tucker Foley, who fights ghosts not because he believes it’s right or because he thinks it’s fun, but because he wants to help Danny.

Tucker Foley, who arguably loves Danny more than anyone else does.


More Shelter fanart. There’s something about the loneliness and the childish wonder that feels so nostalgic to me. I spent much of my own childhood alone and lost in my imagination, but it was to escape my dysfunctional and abusive family. In a way, I’m jealous of Rin, at least she is there because of her father’s love.



“We would probably get in trouble if we got caught out of our beds this late.” Tucker didn’t say it nervously but rather he stated it like a well-known fact. A gentle reminder.

“And I’ll be strapped to a kid sized cutting board and dissected in the basement if my parents knew I was a ghost. But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s go hunting for Mothman.” Danny replied easily, easing his way into his sports bra that doubled as a binder when he was in a hurry.

“So you actually did see him?” Tucker’s eyes sparkled and Danny resisted the urge to kiss him there and now. “What did he look like? How big were his wings?”

“I just saw a glimpse of him in the forest. And his wings were huge.” Danny replied, recalling the mysterious mothman-shaped figure in the forest on his hike yesterday. “It was drinking water in that stream uphill, and when I stepped on a stick it turn and ran away. I don’t know what else it could be!”

“It has to be him!”

“And we’ll find him tonight! Even if it means staying up all night!” Danny transformed and grabbed Tucker by the arm, flying them though the cabin ceiling and zooming towards the forest, cackling loudly when he heard Tucker’s surprised shriek.


“Tucker!” He shouted back, grinning wildly.

“You better not drop me, asshole.”

With that Danny got a simply evil idea and swooped down once he spotted the creek, dropping Tucker in six feet up and laughing madly when he came up, hair plastered to his forehead and eyebrows crinkled together.

“Get down here! It’s on, Fenton!”

Danny floated several feet higher than he originally ways before transforming, diving into the water in a perfect swan dive. Underwater he opened his eyes, his eyes glowing green and lighting up the murky water around him. A large fish darted away from the thin boy, and he kicked upwards.

Breaching the surface and not even bothering to take a breath, he looked around for Tucker and let out a surprised yelp when he was pushed underwater, mischievous green eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“You little-”

And then Tucker’s lips were on his, contrasting nicely with the coolness of the water and hands buried in Danny’s thick hair. Danny’s eyes fluttered shut and he floated to keep them both above the waterline, enjoying the taste of Tucker in his mouth and feeling the outline of his hips though his wet clothing-

And then he was pushed underwater again, thick fingers ghosting up his sides and he let out an involuntary laugh, bubbles escaping through his mouth.

“That’s revenge for dropping me, Fenton!”



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