Back 2 english cuz i know that fluent
Wii shop channel, what am i doing
Being a queen, cuz I’m yung g
Look @ me, i’m kawaii
And if u don’t agree, it doesn’t bother me
I jus do g, gemmy das me
Nearly 17, makin sick beatz
Struggle in da streets, never in da sheets
Wearin all pink, shoutout lil b
I’m kinda getting sleepy, finna catch Zs
Cutie in a hood, edward kenway
Gemmy puts the ass in assassins creed
But look at me, I’m still a good kid
But i ain’t gettin money, I’m eating ramen
Swiper no swiping and i said aw man
Thank you basedgod, and thats a amen
- YUNG GEMMY ( Wii Shop Channel )